It has been around 8 or 9 months since I posted an update on this blog. It didn’t take me long after that post to disappear

What have I been up to sense then? I further continued to bring my dream to life. 3D Animation has been such a blessing to me. I have self taught myself, as well as learning from communities of people. That little list also includes a very awesome beta tester for a well known company in the industry.

I have continued to learn and use Blender as my primary software, bundled with 3D Coat for sculpting, and little things like a Wacom tablet. The learning and trying new things never stopped until a few months ago.

In my last blog, I wrote a few tiny little sentences describing how this love has taken all my time, as well as making me isolate myself from the world. This made a huge impact on me, and really started making me evaluate my life.

Have you ever gotten to that part of your life where everything is at a stand still? That is where mine has been, I’m.. Well I was basically stuck in limbo repeating an unfortunate crazy cycle of the same thing.

Really, if you look back at my blog you can tell this. I don’t think my dream for animation was ever a dream at all. I was just being close minded and only seeing it one way. Then came a huge slump, I didn’t even turn on my PC for a couple of months, never even thought of animation.

So after weeks of battling with myself, I didn’t know what else to do. Until I had a long lost friend walk back into my life. After many discussions a point came to me. What do I truly love? What was a moment in my life that changed me? Just little questions like this, ones that you really want to think about.

And, really, I never talked much about my personal life on here. Just little things here and there. I did however post one of my most proudest moments in life. The missionary trip to Peru.

I absolutely loved every bit of it, the experience to see that part of the world was great. Helping the people though was what really had my heart, it was so fulfilling and sparked passion in what flashed before my eyes, and I apparently missed it.

The only downside to that trip was it was a medical trip, which was great. This though was a huge disadvantage to me. I have no medical knowledge, never taken a class of any form in it.

This leads me to the daunting task of searching for what I think I want in life to help others. The medical field. What? I’m not sure yet. So many options are available, and my drive and motivation have been through the roof here lately. Its been so crazy that my evaluation at work was top notch (Yea I wasn’t expecting that). But apparently my managers are picking up on a lot of little things like going out of my way to help others and such, no big deal really.

The biggest thing is finding what I want to do. I’ve spent a great deal of time working, and saving as much money as I can, which has formed a nice pile of money.

The craziest thing is certain jobs I’ve noticed like nursing are dominated by females. My biological father is an RN, and its funny because I made fun of him one time over it. I’m still not really sure how I feel about it. But I’ve thrown it out to people just to get a general reaction, and have received: Why? I’ve been laughed at (Because I’m a guy), and had others tell me to go for it.

Its not the option I have locked down, but more of an open minded approach on things. I’ve mentioned before that I have never attended college, I was a drop out, and achieved the paper which reads General Educational Development on it. Other than that this is all new.

I’m a firm believer in chasing what you want, and I tell people that all the time. My life has been at a crossroads for awhile with me not taking the next step. Its about time for me to bust through some new doors.

I’m not sure how this blog is going to go, because I want to continue it. It may slightly change directions as times goes on. With new things being talked about, and I’m sure not everyone will like that, but its OK.

I will still continue my talk on video games, because its still a big passion in life. Animation has become nothing more than a hobby. Challenging myself in making my life better along with others has simply become my new passion, and one that I always looked over in my 26 years of life on this Earth.

I hope everyone is doing great.

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Update? Yea, an update, and another one

never_lose_hope_by_cre8art4life-d6btr4rYea, I’ve used that picture before, but I’ve got nothing new today lol. I do however think it would be nice to share whats going on, and what I’m working towards. It may not seem like much, but hey I’m given it to you.

The biggest thing is The Voyage of Zart, I promised that one right? I think I did, but its getting a huge over haul. That’s not a bad thing, its just a really great thing. If you remember me asking what made a story for you, then you can see where this is going. I get in a horrible rush on some things. This doesn’t help with me only being one person either, who really has no time.

What I was working on, really wasn’t the true vision I had in my head. Making the transition from brain to computer screen gets skewed, which is why I made this decision. All assets aren’t lost though, most will stay the same, with big and small changes here. Little revisions, and over all this will lead to something great.

This also comes in time for me thinking about building a new PC. As much as I love my current one, its nothing more than an aging gaming rig. That has seen its fair share of use and hours upon hours of rendering. Its tired lol, and in old age she shouldn’t have to work that hard right?

I’m currently looking at parts on my next build, I’m really going for a massive build that will be my first workstation I guess. This in turn costs a massive amount of blow your pockets out and suck you for everything. This gives me time to come up with the story I want, while refining everything that needs to be done.

While a slow process, its just something I must do. This also brings in life, which shows how ruthless life and time is, as it waits for no one. Working all week, I try to find what little time is there to split between, animation, gaming, family, and friends, and this blog (because I like you all :P).

Its hard most times is spent by myself, no real interaction with actual people. That interaction only comes through work, and cyber beings such as you. That can be a dangerous thing to the mind in certain situations, but over the years I think I’ve grown use to it. This will all seem worse if nothing ever comes of it, as it will seem like a waste. All those years thrown away, putting myself in isolation like this.

I’m sure things will shine though as time goes on, and I’m really eager to show what I’m working on. Seeing its just a document full of texts and ideas that isn’t nothing more than a rough draft at the moment, I don’t think you’d like it.

Thanks though for sticking with me, I’m always surprised at how this little blog has grown, and continues to grow. I’ve meet some really wonderful people, and all of you give so much motivation and inspire others to do the same.

In gaming news, I’m taking a break from Dragon Age. Metal Gear Solid 5 releases to night at midnight. I’ve already got it, just waiting to play it lol. I’ll have that up once I go through it, then back to Dragon Age. Until then, I hope everyone is doing ok, and keep being the greatness that you are.

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Building an Inquisition

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20150207140305

It has been several weeks since my last post, in that time I have been MIA. For that I’m sorry, but not sorry. My excuses was building up an Inquisition, and what a wonderful experience it was.

Dragon Age: Inquisition started a rocky relationship with me. I started this game over several times as a Human, Elf, Dwarf, trying to play as a Rouge, Mage, and Warrior. In the end though I ended up as a Qunari Warrior, mainly with a sword and shield.

This is the first time we are given the chance to play as a Qunari, and seeing how I was really fascinated with them in Dragon Age 2, this is what I went with. This is also a big change for me, as I played as a human in Origins, and your basically forced to play as a human in the second one.

Upon first starting off, you are greeted with a short cut scene which then throws you into customizing your character. This is a feature that is welcome, and nice to see again. This doesn’t end here though, as it goes throughout the game with armor, and weapons, even down to your companions.

I also noticed while playing, I wanted to instantly compare this game to Origins. This included everything I first saw, down to the very end. If you loved Origins, I’d generously advise you to avoid doing this. I think it ruins the experience a bit, or at least hampers things.

Not that Inquisition is a bad game, or worse than Origins. I’ve talked to a lot of people who enjoy this one the most out the series. This though, can be said about ever series, and is a given to anyone who has played games for awhile.

Another thing is previous saves or story decisions in past games, if you played them.

Dragon Age Keep

Is a site designed for you to set up your decisions in past games. I found that since I had a account my decisions where already loaded into the system. But I had to export everything to get it into the game.

When I first started Inquisition, I was excited to get things going. I missed this, or skipped over it. Basically I never went to this site until I was basically done with the game. I’ve heard everything from it doesn’t do much, to it doesn’t matter, to its a nice addition. At certain points in the game though, I can see where this would change things. So I’d do it just to be safe, my second play through will have it.

The story basically puts you in a world that has a breach in the sky, in which demons and spirits from the fade are coming out. You and a party need to stop it, you know to save the world. Only to discover a bigger problem that you need to take care of. The story is much more interesting than this, but I’m not sure what to say, since the game is still fairly new. People still haven’t played the game, and many players are still on last gen.

Simply put, this can be said about the whole game, its massive, and brought back so many memories I had with both Origins and DA2. Which is why I wanted to compare it, more so to Origins than anything.

What Inquisition does that neither the first two did was hooking me fully in. I never pay much attention to side quest, or never go out of my way to explore. This time I did, every little hidden spot I could find I was there. Going into the world finding certain materials to create this or that, I was simply doing that.

This also may be the lack of RPGs that I like on the market as well. I have both this and The Witcher 3, Inquisition was the first pick. And really seeing how I want to do another play of this, with even more time put into it, I will at some point. But then again The Witcher sets here looking at me, only for me to look away. Why? Well, I don’t want to rush through it, as Big Boss is slowly making his way to the market.

Too much, and not enough time. I will at some point give my full thoughts on Dragon Age: Inquisition, with the DLC included. By that time more people should have played, and I will give spoilers for all, or at least to the ones who want to read it lol.

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Rare Replay


A while ago I posted a blog rambling about remakes, remasters, and so on. Really my opinion was simple, I’d rather have a new game by the developer than something I’ve already played several times. This especially applied to newer games on last generation of PS3, and 360.

You all though, really gave me great opinions on the subject. Which all of you seemed to like the idea of having them. It makes since though, a lot of people may have not played a title and get the chance to now. Or for what ever reason it may be. For instance I enjoy my Master Chief Collection that came with my Xbox One. Mainly for being able to play Halo 2 online again, or Halo CE for that matter.

Recently though another collection caught my eye, Rare Replay. Some how I missed this at E3 this year. How? I really have no clue, it was probably over shadowed by my excitement for titles like Dues Ex, Halo, Mass Effect and so on. Its stuck in my head now though, and for good reason.

Most of my childhood experience with gaming included titles from Rare. The N64 to me wouldn’t have been worth it just for Mario, and Zelda. Added to those memories was Perfect Dark, GoldenEye 007, Conkers Bad Fur Day, amongst many other titles.

This collection includes 30 games, with no GoldenEye over issues. With that out of the way we still have these:

  1. Jetpac
  2. Atic Atac
  3. Lunar Jetman
  4. Sabre Wulf
  5. Underwurlde
  6. Knight Lore
  7. Gunfright
  8. Slalom
  9. R.C. Pro-Am
  10. Cobra Triangle
  11. Snake Rattle n Roll
  12. Digger T. Rock
  13. Solar Jetman
  14. Battletoads
  15. R.C. Pro-Am 2
  16. Battletoads Arcade
  17. Killer Instinct Gold
  18. Blast Corps
  19. Banjo- Kazooie
  20. Jet Force Gemini
  21. Perfect Dark
  22. Banjo-Tooie
  23. Conker’s Bad Fur Day
  24. Grabbed by the Ghoulies
  25. Perfect Dark Zero
  26. Kameo: Elements of Power
  27. Viva Piñata
  28. Jetpac Refuelled
  29. Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise
  30. Banjo- Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

It is to me an amazing list of games for many reasons. All this for 29.99, plus access to some of the best games especially the ones that only saw light on N64. Sadly its only available for Xbox One. Which I can understand for exclusive purposes, but it’d be nice for any console player to have the choice to experience these games.

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Is it ever too late?

First, a big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on the last blog. I ended up getting a lot more input than I thought I would. It means a lot though, and I enjoyed reading every bit that you all shared with me.

too-lateIs it ever too late when trying for your dreams? I ask this simple for one reason. I work with a lot of people, both old and young adults. I fall into the young group at 25 years old. Working with all these people for 8 hours a day comes with a lot of conversation. This includes what people wanted to do, or want to for some.

Yet, in every conversation is a lot of excuses and negativity. Some that is rather funny to hear, and others are just astounding at what little can stop a person to achieve or try to go for something. We’ve all heard them, some of us have probably used them at some point. I know I did all through school.

On the other side of thing though each and every person don’t have to look far for some motivation and inspiration. You can find many success stories out there in the world of someone making it. At least trying, which a lot of people never did, except for only drawing up an idea in their head.

When I wanted to get my GED, I went to classes, mainly to brush up on my Math. I dropped out before I even got to some of the advanced stuff that I’d have to take on the test. While going to these classes, I’d notice people come and go, very few actually getting their GED.

All of these people young around my age, most only stayed one or two classes. A few only took them because they were court ordered. I did however notice one woman, who was older. She was there every night that I was, she had been going a few weeks before I started even.

Getting a chance to talk to her, I had to ask her age. Yea, I know us guys aren’t suppose to ask that question, but I did. Turns out she was 66 going on 67 in a few months. She also said she didn’t have a reason to get it, and would probably never need it. She just want to prove to herself that she could accomplish such a feat at her age.

In the end she got what she set out to do. This is just one example of someone who had enough motivation to get what they wanted. I can see how to some a GED may not be a big accomplishment. It may not even be worthy reading about, to me though it is. A big lesson is there, only if you chose to see it and acknowledge it. If not, well you’re most likely one of those that inspired me to write this blog lol.

Is it ever too late though? In my mind only if you are dead.

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What makes a story for you?

Asking someone what makes a story for them can obviously come with many answers. This like so many other things comes down to one thing. Our great nature as humans to have this ability. An ability to great, that it sets us apart from others, and one which makes us unique.

Just asking about a story really opens up a huge horizon for answers. Movies, games, books, poems, pictures, drawings, even blogs. If you take a look here on WP, it want take long to find that creativity. So many bloggers tell reality, fiction, fantasy, or what ever makes your brain crave more. This natural ability is again what makes humans great.

The opinions I seek to find is simple.

What makes a story for you?

What breaks it for you?

What brings you back?

As I grow older with each passing day, I find that I try to evolve my skills. As each of you do. In doing that, I’m really by myself a lot, other than work. A dead end job doesn’t give me the needs I want though. People are too negative, and worry to much about the little bit of cash they grind to get.

If you take a step back, and daze upon the Earth with a different set of eyes. You could easily make the connection with most daily workers and zombies. Brain dead, no life within them, most wasting their life doing nothing.

Take that, twist it a bit, and most of you could come up with a nice little twisted story for people to enjoy.

I look back at my favorite movies, books, games, and everything else. Its hard to see a connection when you mash all of it together. I like a wide range of media from action, to drama.

You again try and find what really makes a story for you. This takes you to a place where you pick things to pieces. You eventually find whats left is only what you truly love.

For example, my favorite stories from books are Harry Potter. Games is Metal Gear Solid. Looking at both of those, you can probably not see any connection.

I realize that for me, I want a universe full of knowledge to take in. So much so, that when someone talks about it, I want to throw out something only hardcore fans will know. This is the connection Harry Potter and Metal Gear Solid share, a universe. Go ahead, throw other greats in there, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Halo, it doesn’t really matter.

Having great characters, plots, what ever it may be is a must. To hook someone to a point, that they seek more based on the story created by you though, is truly amazing. Adding to that amazement, is that the creator would/will go to that point, of creating more content, for the ones who would want it.

See one day you and I will die, that’s pretty much promised. Things we create doesn’t, unless you destroy it. I think that, at least for me personally is the biggest payoff when creating things.

Have you ever found an old piece that you created a long time ago? I found some poems, and short stories not long ago from middle/high school. It is incredible to see something like that, showing what was in your mind at the point, that is now your own history. It also does a great job at showing how far you have come off the years, granted you stuck with it.

All of this still comes down for me looking for your opinion on stories. Things you like/dislike. As I go on trying to create what I’m trying to, I want to hear opinions. Its easy to create something for yourself, as it usually sounds good to you. This isn’t always the best thing when trying to get others to like your work.

Granted you can’t capture they eyes and minds of every individual. As nice as it would be, it isn’t possible. This doesn’t stop one from trying to get everyone though.

I’d love to hear your opinions. Doesn’t matter if its about stories from books, movies, games, comics, Anime, it can be anything. Just highlight what you like and dislike from your perspective.

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Jumping into Gotham City


At this point in time, it has been a little over a week since Batman: Arkham Knight has released. I put down Shadow of Mordor and Halo for this, as I’ve enjoyed the series up to this point. Seeing as the game is still new and fresh on the shelf’s, I’ll stay away from spoilers.

First booting up the game I found myself paying a lot of attention to visuals. Batman and the whole city of Gotham looks fantastic. This all includes the little droplets of rain trickling down the suit. The same thing can be said for every other character in the game.

If you’ve ever played any of the other games you will find yourself right at home with the controls. It was easy to get back into even though it had been awhile since I’d played the last one. With this, everything still feels fresh, and even more well tuned than before. Making fighting exhilarating, and so much fun pulling off combos, while trying to dodge incoming hits.

Sadly I don’t feel like the game manages to make a leap like we saw going from Arkham Asylum to Arkham City. This isn’t a bad thing, as the game is still fantastic, but doesn’t manage nothing big in the form of new. With the exception of introducing us to the Batmobile.

Anyone keeping up with the game has probably heard mixed reactions to the Batmobile. Its exciting to see it in action, fun to drive, and truly makes you feel invincible while using it. The down side to this, most criminals act like cowards while using it. It doesn’t take long to see everything you will mostly be challenged by that could possibly be a threat to you, while using it. Mostly it is highly over used to the point I found it repetitive and was tired of using it.

Too much of the game is centered around it, that I think it took away from the rest of the game. Less time doing this could have been focused into refining and inventing better things instead. Not everyone will view this the same, I’ve heard plenty of opinions of why people like or dislike the Batmobile.

The biggest thing for me though, since Arkham Asylum was and still is story. I’ve found it amazing each game how Rocksteady has pulled off such astounding stories each game. Arkham Knight is no different, as it keeps you wanting to see more, and find out what will happen next.

Arkham Knight introduces us to a Batman who may of lost a long war against those he has always prevailed against. At each turn I felt I was slowly losing my grasp on Gotham, with not much hope in regaining control of the city. This is great to see, but at the same time frustrating and sad to see the hero this way. Then again this is all what makes it so great, and shows the greatness of this form of media.

The story does have a few flaws though, maybe big depending on how you look at it. The Arkham Knight, the new big bad guy in town, who defiantly plays his role well by the way. Rocksteady missed a huge flaw in a way they tell the story with this character. As if you really pay attention, you will know who he is before it is even revealed. This huge mistake as I’m going to call it, is a miss on a big opportunity to do more for the character than they did.

Don’t let this disappoint you, as it didn’t me. Something way better takes its place, in a way I personally didn’t expect it to. I’m not sure if Rocksteady meant for this part of the story to really be the big twist. Or then again this could have been the main focus, and what makes the twist that is the Arkham Knight so disappointing, as it is so much better.

In the end this is the first game of the series I completed 100%, as its well worth it to do so. As doing that, you get a little something more, if you play the game, I implore you to do just that. This will lead you to complete all the side missions as well, which are also a worth at looking at, as it just expands the fun you have with the game.

Playing through series I find I always want to compare it to the previous game/games. This one was no different. Arkham City was my favorite, and still is by a little margarine. This all comes down to one thing for me, it seemed more varied. Arkham Knight could have easily outdone this if not for so much emphasis on the Batmobile.

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Making the leap to next gen

When the Xbox 360, Ps3, and Nintendo Wii I like anyone else had to make a decision. Which to choose? A lot of people pick something for a slew of reasons. It could be the graphics, the company, exclusives, or what features come with this one or that one. I ultimately choose a PS3 first for no other than Metal Gear Solid. Only to have a long wait for it to drop on the system.

In the end I ended up with a 360, and Wii to go along with the PS3. I ended up selling the Wii about a year after I got it, as it was nothing more than a dust collector. The 360 and PS3 found a lot of use though. I’ve seen some of my favorite series get better at least in my eyes lol. Along with new series such as, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Uncharted, among others. Which have brought new characters and worlds, in which can really make a person fall in love with. That after all is what makes gaming great as a form of entertainment.

The new gen consoles have been out for at least a year now. I figured it was time to pick one up. I again had to make that choice. Which one? It can be a hard thing to do, at least for me. My free time is getting smaller by the day, as I’m sure you all the follow me have seen in the past few months. And, I’m really sorry for that.

I was thinking about the PS4, and Xbox One, and my decision really goes to exclusives. That’s the whole point to me, I don’t care about how the console looks, or how big it is. Graphics isn’t a big concern to me, if it was I’d stick with PC for gaming. I don’t care about the social aspects, or media, because my PC does all that. I don’t really want something that does all that, because again I have a PC. I mainly want my console to play games, that’s about it, really if it was my choice that’s the only thing it’d do.

The reason I bought my PS3 was Metal Gear Solid and that alone. The 360 was because of Halo. Seeing as Metal Gear Solid V is going on everything, I ended up getting a Xbox One. Seeing as both are going to release later this year, I’ll have both, and want have to worry about having both consoles. Not saying I want end up with a PS4 at some point though, Sony has some great exclusives that are hard hitters.

As for making the switch to current gen, I think it was the right time and a good choice. Seeing as all kinds of great stuff has come out of E3 in the last couple of days. This year is already looking good.

As for the console, it came with The Master Chief Collection. Nothing really new to be said here, as its all old content. Still nice to have though, it will keep me busy with some of my die hard Halo friends. I also wanted to pick up another game, and it ended up being Shadow of Mordor. I was deciding between that, The Witcher 3, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve been wanting a good LoTR game, so Shadow of Mordor was the winner.

I’ve only got to put a few hours into it, but have thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve played so far.


As for anything else, its been really slow for me. The blog is lacking bad, and I hope to turn that around.

I’ve been trying to put most of my free time into fine tuning my skills with the animation. Slowly learning and grinding my way to getting better at things that need work bad. Its such a slow process that its a little painful at times.

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Destiny Explored (Part 3)

destinyI’m thinking it has been around 5 months or so since I last talked about Destiny. When the Dark Below DLC released. Recently on the 19th, The House of Wolves DLC dropped. With the little free time I find now, it has been going between that, and ideas and learning to work better with this animation.

The previous DLC The Dark Below, to me felt underwhelming, and ended up being nothing more than what should have been in the game to start with. With that, I was really hoping The House of Wolves would be better. In short, I do believe I got a lot of what I wanted out of it.

We got 5 new story missions, and I wished it would have been more. The first play through was actually a lot of fun. This brought that freshness I had been hoping for, that The Dark Below couldn’t deliver. Expanding more on the story of sorts, or better yet the universe as a whole, and the enemy faction within it.

A new strike, which also beat out the last one we got. Last time Playstation got a timed exclusive strike, but I don’t think they did this time.

Some new multiplayer maps, which I’ve still yet to touch a lot of it. What I have played isn’t bad, and I enjoyed it for the most part. But, the only reason I did try it was to complete a few exotic bounties, that made me go into it lol.

The Trials of Osiris, which is a mp event, I personally haven’t played it yet, as it is only available each week for a certain time. With me usually working those days, I’m not sure when I’ll get to try it.

The big one here for me at least is Prison of Elders. A simple way to think about this is horde mode from Gears of War, or Firefight from Halo. That’s what it brought to my mind when I first went through it.

Each game consist of 5 rounds, of 3 waves to finish a round, except for the fifth round, this features a boss. Rounds can consist of killing all foes, to adding in secondary objectives, that are time sensitive to complete, or death occurs. And also adding in modifiers, which can help the player, or make it harder on you.

Complete all rounds, and you get rewarded.

Destiny as a whole still gets a lot of hate by certain people, and really, it is easy to see why. No game is perfect though, I still haven’t played a game that at some part I didn’t enjoy. I will say though, Destiny has done a good job at taking hours away from me. More than is should have in the first place.

Then again, that is what makes video games so great to play right? For me at least, that’s why it is my favorite type of media. Another thing to add, if your looking to getting into the game, with all its content, now is the best time to do so. You want have that long wait like the rest of us have.

Now, talk has been that more content is planned for the future. I usually don’t go on rumors, that haven’t been confirmed. But, if it is true then you’ll see me talk about Destiny again. If not, well, this will probably be my last post, as the game isn’t throwing nothing new. And, we all don’t want to hear the same thing rambling on do we?

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Throwback Gems: Def Jam: Fight for NY


The Def Jam series has seen three releases over the years. For me personally, Fight for NY was my favorite one. This game has in the past wasted many of hours for me. Fight for NY is not a game for everyone. First, you need to like a fighting game, second you will need to like rap & hip hop.

AKI Corporation now known as Syn Sophia has never been known as a big developer. They have created nice little games like WWF No Mercy, and other good wrestling games in the 90s. Yet, over the years, this particular Def Jam has stuck out to me.

Being released in 2004, I was still in my young teenage years. This was a time in my life, that rap was big to me. It was really the only thing I listened to at the time. Fight for NY is driven by this industry. The game features characters such as: Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Ludacris, Xzibit, Busta Rhymes, and others.

I’ve never been big on fighting games, as I’m not that good at them. You know that button masher? Yep, that is me lol. For me, what made the game fun was being able to use environments or the surrounding crowd, to do damage. It gave the game that hardcore wrestling feel.

Adding in creating your own character, and being able to customize them to the look of a rapper. Again though, nothing special is to be seen here, the game isn’t a must play. The story isn’t nothing special. If you like people like Snoop Dogg, then its interesting to see them put into the game, into a story created, just for this.

Comparing the game to any other fighting game, you will likely pick the other over this. This is of course a big factor into why the series never did take off. That, and the fact, it isn’t going to appeal to a big crowd. Even a hardcore fighting or brawler fan will turn away if they hate rap or hip hop music.

If that hasn’t turned you away already, then it would be well worth it venturing into the story at least once. Waiting after, you can play up to four players in a verses mode. Adding to extra tournaments, that will reward you with in game items, if you complete them.

Def Jam: Fight for NY is still a game I can set down and play when I get the urge too. It isn’t for everyone, but the ones it is for, you can find some nice enjoyment out of the game. This leads it to being a nice little gem looking back on it.

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