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3D Modeling/Animation Resources

Since I started this blog for animation, I thought I’d share a few programs, that I enjoy. The best part about everything I’m going to talk about is free, and some are open source as well. I’m sure a lot … Continue reading

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A Few Game Series That I Just Can’t Get Into

First off I’d like to thank everyone, I’ve reached over 100 views in the few weeks I’ve had the blog, and 20 followers. That means a lot, thank you all. This topic came up last night when I was playing … Continue reading

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A few pieces of previous work

In my short time messing around with animation, I had to first start learning how to model, and man was it hard learning on my own. I started out with watching tutorials on Youtube, and following along. That at the … Continue reading

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6 Game Sequels I Want

A little info on Project Rise, the script is completely finished. That’s the reason I’ve been gone for the past few days, now I’m getting ready to start my modeling phase. So I should have some things for you to … Continue reading

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Silent Hills

Last night before I was about to lay down for the night, I did my OCD routine, of checking my favorite gaming sites. I click on one, not really expecting to see much at all, then to my surprise I … Continue reading

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Breaking Barriers Within The Industry

The animation industry has been getting bigger with each year that has past. It has even been around for a great deal of time as well. Way before I was born, 1937 with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is … Continue reading

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Imagination Is Dead

The title is obviously not true, but for a good amount of the general population it can be. Have you ever been told. Why would you want to do something like writing, art, music, drawing, poetry, video games, animation, film, … Continue reading

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