Hello Universe

I’m Josh, and I want to start a blog, very unique right? No, they’re plenty of blogs across the net, but I’m wanting to start one for a simple reason, or a few or more reasons.

1. Animation, I love it, I enjoy watching it, and I love making it. I love the industry, it’s a joy seeing everyone from kids to adults watch it and fall in love with them. I myself, am looking to get into the industry.

2. Project Rise- Is my first big animated project, I am taking on myself. Difficult? Yes. Am I crazy for doing so? Absolutely, for trying to. Project Rise, is simply my main reason for starting this blog, to share my experience, along this journey. More to come later on of Project Rise.

3.Video Games, is also something I really love. I’ve been gaming since I was three years old, and it’s something I talk about often. So expect some blogs voicing my opinion on certain games, platforms, developers, or something to do with the industry.

My main reason to do this, is to share my journey on my project with others. Hopefully someone comes along the way, and wants to read what I have to share. And in the end enjoys the same things as I like as well.


About crazysnake513

I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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6 Responses to Hello Universe

  1. sentrymann says:

    Wow, I’m glad I found this blog. I’m actually going to college to take courses in 3D animation this fall! Can’t wait to see how your “project Rise” develops. Can you share a little more about it perhaps?

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    • Thank you for showing interest, I really appreciate that. It put a smile on my face hearing you say your going to take courses in 3D animation. It’s just great when someone show interest in animation.

      As far as Project Rise is concerned, I got a Project Rise tab at the top of the blog. I’ll be adding any information regarding the project under that. As of right now, I’m making final edits and revisions on the script. After that, the modeling/animation will go into full effect. So I should have more to show in a week or two.

      Again thank you for showing interest, it means a lot.


  2. I’m going back a long way, but it seems that you and I enjoy a lot of the same things when it comes to video games. I started scrolling back in your list of blogs so I could read some stuff while I eat my dinner, and just kept scrolling back to see how much I wanted to read. I made it all the way back to the beginning, lol. I’ll be posting on more of your posts very shortly, but I will go ahead and introduce myself.

    My name is also Josh. I just started blogging about two weeks ago. My content is video game related, and I was inspired to blog because of a goal that I’m trying to accomplish: I want to beat at least 35 games before I upgrade to any current generation of consoles. So far, I’ve beaten 4. I post about my progress, talk about the games I’m playing, games I’ve played, games in my backlog, and games I’m looking forward to. Also, not included as a part of my blog, I am a fiction writer in my spare time.

    I’m looking forward to reading your posts!

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    • I always enjoy when someone goes back to my older post and finds enjoyment out of them. Its nice to meet you Josh, I always enjoy seeing new bloggers pop up on here. I hope you stick around, in my short time here, almost a year. I’ve seen too many come and go for what ever reasons. It is hard starting, but with due time you’ll find people subbing, liking, and commenting on your content. I wish you luck on your journey, and hopefully it pays off for you.

      I would like to say though, if you ever decide to post any of your fiction work it would be nice. A lot of people around here write stories all the time, I find its better to have a diverse blog, enough to pull in all types of people. I stick to video games mostly myself, but sometimes its refreshing to just post something different.

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      • Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep it in mind as I move forward. I think when I have plenty of posts scheduled I might start adding some different content besides gaming.

        When it comes to writing, this is where I’ve been doing most of it. I have some content in progress for ebooks, but nothing ready right now. I have 3 books available through Amazon and Smashwords right now, but I’m talking my time with new material.

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      • Good to hear, I will enjoy seeing how this all turns out for you.

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