Imagination Is Dead

tombstoneThe title is obviously not true, but for a good amount of the general population it can be. Have you ever been told. Why would you want to do something like writing, art, music, drawing, poetry, video games, animation, film, or any other creative work?

I have, I’ve been told on many occasions about animation and video games. That stuff is for kids, it’s stupid, your wasting your time with that. It’s simply not true, I hear this a lot from family more than anything, on a daily basis.

It’s kind of funny, and makes me smile most of the time. It was fine when I was young, but I guess being 24 makes me to old? Should I not chase my dreams? Why should I conform to a standard set by old timers, who think they know what’s best?

The amount of times I heard this or been told over the years is ridiculously stupid. And I’m sure everyone at a certain point has had this problem. I want to forge my own path in my life, and experience a journey worth taking. Being a doctor, or politician isn’t me, so don’t push that on me.

One of the more sad cases is the young children. With Project Rise, some of my younger cousins and such have seen some of my work. Such as concepts, or wanting to know character names. When they do, they question why it is the way it is.

I got an animal that resembles a rhino, that instead of calling it a rhino, it’s called a Kemda. I got asked why I would call it that? How in the world did I come up with that name? Plenty more examples can be found in Project Rise.

In doing so I ask them, well what would you call this animal? “I don’t know a rhino I guess”. I’ll be sketching, so I’ll tear them out a piece of my sketching paper, and hand them a graphite pencil. You know what they draw? A stick figure, they say they don’t know how to draw anything else.

It seems that they think they’re are some rules to go by when being creative. I say break all barriers and rules. Yet no one will, they follow all guidelines, and continue to do the same ole thing.

Just a little something I was thinking about this morning, I hope you enjoy. Also before I go, I got much respect for any creative person out there. No matter what form it comes in.


About crazysnake513

I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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13 Responses to Imagination Is Dead

  1. I heard that I would grow out of liking comics when I was a yoot. I still love them, and I am old as dirt! Thanks for liking my blog post!


  2. Why is it a grown up thing to let go of the things that make us happy?


  3. jgill006 says:

    I have struggled with this as well. Especially when going to school for simulation and game development. Right now I’m learning mobile app development and for some reason people are more understanding of that?


    • Haha, glad I ain’t the only one who goes through it. Not sure why doing a mobile app would be different. Could be because more people use a phone everyday, instead say a game console. It’s interesting though, thanks for sharing that.


  4. filmmakerj says:

    Thanks so much for faving my “American Tail 3″ review.
    And I totally get what you mean here. I have a friend who wants to pursue his dreams of becoming a voice-actor, but his whole family doesn’t think it’ll get him anywhere. My response to things like that are, “it’s a firmly established business. Sure, games and cartoons are made for kids quite often, but full-grown adults have to make them, because no one else possibly could what with how difficult it is.” I can somewhat understand people saying that it’s childish to like video-games and animated films or tv shows, but to make them yourself is a completely different matter. Somebody has to. And at the same time, only those people who watch cartoons and play games all the time could possibly have the imagination and the inspiration to work in the industry.


    • It’s no problem, and thank you for the comment. I agree with everything you said. As far as voice acting, to me that would be a great job. A lot of people have defiantly made a living off of it. Films, TV shows, and Video Games are always using people. Again thank you.


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  6. My creative outlet has always been writing. I’m not a perfect writer, but it’s what I enjoy. Like you, I have been criticized, and it usually seems to come from the people who are closest to me. I won’t say that I haven’t been supported, but there is a certain amount of credibility that you have to earn before the people around you start to take notice. Anyone can write. I used to write all the time, and although my wife wasn’t critical of me, I don’t think I was a “writer” in her eyes. I was just someone who liked to write. When I started selling 400-word articles for $5-$15 dollars, it wasn’t much, but it validated my “hobby,” and my wife began taking my writing more serious. It was more than make-believe. I had bought our dinner.

    Was I a writer before I made money writing? Sure. Did I feel validated when I started selling articles? Of course, but I was always a writer. I’ve written stuff that sucks, I’ve written some stuff that people really seem to enjoy, and I’ve written some stuff that people don’t like that I absolutely love. Whenever I write, I feel like I’m being creative. The words you’re reading were once thoughts in my head. Those thoughts weren’t fully expressed until after I read YOUR blog and explored my own opinions. Not everyone thinks of creativity in that way. Why isn’t your Kemda called a Rhino? For the same reason a hobit isn’t a human. It’s the same reason Harry Potter plays quidditch, and not soccer.

    If J.R.R. Tolkien had created a Kemda, perhaps your family would see the point, but that all comes back to credibility. Credibility is different for family than it is strangers. Your family knows you. They know how you act, and to some extent, how you think. When you name a creature, they think, “Good grief, what a silly word he just made up,” but that’s okay, because it’s not going to make a difference. My wife doesn’t treat me any differently now than before I sold my writing. I still have to be the one to put myself in front of my laptop. My daughter isn’t going to tiptoe through the house for Mr. Writer, either. She’s going to try to sit on my lap and say, “Daddy, let’s play” (and I might, because I’m a Dad, even more than I’m a writer). Don’t wait for validation. You are who you think you are.

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    • Such a refreshing response, which included something I had never thought of. Credibility is a big thing, which for my family is the problem. I wasted so much of my youth taking the wrong path. In the last few years, I’ve gotten smart, and started to make things right. This also brings trying to make up for lost time. I’m not getting any younger, even if I’m still at a young age.

      I do have high hope for everything I do, maybe too much at times. That may or may not be a bad thing, I’m not sure. Its only a matter of time before I break out with the things I want to do. One of my motto’s is setting the world ablaze with ideas, and that’s what I plan to do. Is that too much lol?

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      • lol, It’s ambitious. Also, just be aware that there are a lot of people trying to set their own fires. Those are the people you will compare yourself to, but it’s always best to judge yourself by looking at how far you have come from where you started.

        If you have to compare yourself to other people, just look at those who are right above your level, and try to get one level above them. I know I just started reading your blog, but how is your project coming along?

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      • Thanks for the advice, I usually don’t try and compare though. Its a crazy thought, but I find if I do, I want to compare more than I need too, and end up losing valuable time.

        As far as the project goes, its on hold at the moment. But whats been done is great, that includes a script over 70 pages. Daunting task really, but I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

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