Breaking Barriers Within The Industry


The animation industry has been getting bigger with each year that has past. It has even been around for a great deal of time as well. Way before I was born, 1937 with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is considered the first, which it was the first one made with all hand drawn animation, others did come before it.

All this time in the world a few barriers have arisen, that make it seem the industry can’t break through, or just want try to.

1. Making a huge hit

It may seem strange, and you may think a hit, many animated films have been a hit and successful. Which this is true, so true, but we need to take a look at the highest grossing films. The top 10 list only has one full animated movie, Frozen, and that’s it.

In the top 50 only 9 films where able to make it onto the list which are: Frozen, Shrek the Third, Finding Nemo, Shrek 2, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Toy Story 3, The Lion King, and Despicable Me 2. in no order of how they are ranked.

Looking at this list, they’re are some great movies, and they all deserve to be where they landed at. And of course more live action films are coming out, and are more popular than an animated film. Which brings me to the next point.

2. The targeted audience

Looking at the little list I provided, and the countless others which aren’t there. The target is kids, the rating usually given is a G rating, which is fine. Kids from all ages need something to watch and enjoy as well, especially considering if their parents don’t want them to see something violent, or with mature themes.

This in itself will also hurt (IMO) the movie in ways. You want to watch a movie, being older, are you going to go for that bloody action packed movie, or that sweet little animated film? I myself, according to what it is, may choose one or the other.

I’m not so sure of how much this is a barrier in the industry, rather than others that have came and failed to really capture the people they were looking for.

3. More mature content

We need more of this, I want more of this, and I’m sure a lot of others would like to see it. People that grew up with video games, can really relate to this, considering you grew up in the 90’s. The time was rough, more mature content was being released. Mortal Kombat, Doom, and such titles were getting a bad rep. Doom even got brought up when the Columbine High School shooting happened.

When bringing more mature content into an animated film, one may think this is targeted to the kids. That’s not what my goal is, my goal is entertainment, and to further introduce animation to people who blow off animation as being a kid thing.

I believe things can be done, if done right, despite studios trying and failing to do so. Such things can be seen with Final Fantasy: Advent Children or Resident Evil: Degeneration/Re: Damnation. Although those target fans of both series more than anything, I think most video games turned into movies would be better as an all CGI, opposed to live action/CGI.

To be honest Project Rise, is targeted more for kids, starting out I think it would be dumb to make more mature content. I already have a ton of ideas, some for kids like Project Rise, others more mature.

Since I started messing with animation, I’ve gained a lot in the form of learning, and in no way do I want that to stop. This point right here is where you the people come in, it’s important to know what people like, what they want.

If anyone can give me feedback on this, that would be helpful. Do you enjoy animation? Or is it something you mainly watch and enjoy with your kids, or other young family members? Or would you like to see more mature content? When it comes to entertainment, nothing is more important than the fans. That’s why it gets made, you all support it, that’s why it’s possible.




About crazysnake513

I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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