A few pieces of previous work

In my short time messing around with animation, I had to first start learning how to model, and man was it hard learning on my own. I started out with watching tutorials on Youtube, and following along. That at the time, seemed like the best possible way to learn the UI. And it took me a long way, but what I learned was that it only taught me the way that artist did things. So I had to eventually learn how to do things my way. The work is simple, and nothing more than a still picture.


This is actually my first venture out on my own, as you can see it didn’t get finished. I actually got frustrated, and gave up on it. I rendered it, and then deleted it, as I had enough. The problem with it, was for the cloth, I couldn’t figure out how to get the cloth around the cross.


About a week later I decided to go about it once again. I wanted to finish the cross, I have a fascination with them for some reason. So I started again, this time starting with the cross, then the ground, from there I went to the grass. I then added the tree’s, to the little dirt mound at the bottom of the cross. Last I finished with the cloth once again, this time, I got it around the cross, how I wanted too.


Next up was another one that was a simple failure in my eyes, nothing turned out how I wanted it. As you can see with the mountain texture, going across the rest of the land. The house at best, is laughable, and if you look over at the far left, you can see the mountain doesn’t connect like it should.


This one, as I called it the diamond room, turned out good for the most part. Except for the lighting, it’s been the biggest thing I have fought with, when it shouldn’t be. The chairs are too dark, and on the walls are chains, which can’t hardly be seen.


Lastly is my little dark path going along the forest, covered in fog. I got to admit, for some reason I love this one, even though it still looks very basic at best. My inspiration for this came from liking horror games, I was actually thinking Silent Hill when I came up with it.

I hope you all enjoy these, even if it shows what little skill I hold at the moment. With each thing I have done, I’ve went for something different each time, just to learn something new. As with Project Rise, I’ve stated several times, that the main reason is to learn. And that is what I love. By the way, these were all created with Blender. I have access to Maya, but enjoy Blender more for some reason.


About crazysnake513

I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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2 Responses to A few pieces of previous work

  1. These look really good. For someone your age, these are awesome. I couldn’t even begin to do it. Learning can be hard, but you’re going at it with the right attitude. I like the diamond room the best.

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    • Thank you! You have no clue how much that means to me. This are some of the first pieces I ever created, without watching a tutorial or anything. I’m still learning, which is always fun, but can be frustrating as well. I’m going at it alone, so no help or teachers. Its a longer road, which seems harder. But in the end feels better when I’ve created something.


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