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Breaking in the Animation Industry

I recently had someone ask me, about the Animation Industry, and how to get in. I chuckled to myself, mainly because I’m still new to it, I’ve never personally tried to get in myself, and after all this time I’m … Continue reading

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We Need An Increase of Survival Horror

I think it’s interesting to know Adventure Games, were used to try and creep players out. Starting with Mystery House, back in 1980. A slew of other games like it came out, The Count, Haunted House, Sweet Home. Most of … Continue reading

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Gaming Glitches, and Bugs, COME ON NOW

I started gaming when I was around three, a long time ago for me. I started out with Pong, which was short lived, I quickly moved on to the NES. First game that ever got me hooked was Super Mario … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Over the past week, I’ve been spending every bit of free time with this game, Kingdoms of Amalur. It was a first time play, I passed it up when it first game out. It came out early in 2012, I … Continue reading

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Mike Tyson Mysteries

The title may seem like I’m doing a blog on the boxing legend, but I’m not. I actually never liked boxing. Mike Tyson Mysteries, is an upcoming cartoon on Adult Swim, on October 27th at 10:30 ET/PT. Warner Bros. Animation … Continue reading

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My Way (2011 Film)

This is a little flip up and throw around from what I normally do. One thing I will say is I love war movies, especially WWII era. Funny enough, when I didn’t care about school, I still managed to always … Continue reading

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The Amazing World of Short Animation

The internet is an awesome place, especially when you want to find something. Take WordPress for example, you can come on here and see tons of opinions on different topics. That isn’t it though, it isn’t hard at all to … Continue reading

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