My Way (2011 Film)

This is a little flip up and throw around from what I normally do. One thing I will say is I love war movies, especially WWII era. Funny enough, when I didn’t care about school, I still managed to always pass History class.

So naturally with that, when I do watch a film, its almost always a film about war. I search for new titles, and try my best to find something new, that I haven’t ever seen before. And tonight, I accidentally ran into a film, that took me by total surprise.

My_Way_(2011_film)I had never heard of this movie, probably because it’s a South Korean film, and has subtitles. Which I don’t mind one bit, but will obviously turn most people away from it just because of that.

Its said to be based off true events, after a man named Yang Kyoungjong who was Korean. It is said he was conscripted into the Japanese Imperial Army, then the Red Army, and finally the Wehrmacht. That to me is crazy, but very interesting for this man, I wish I could tell more about this man. I’m finding it hard to find much info, I’m guessing he maybe never told much of his story really.

I encourage anyone who likes war movies, or even just a good story to check this out. That is if you don’t mind subtitles. I will leave you with a trailer.


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I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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4 Responses to My Way (2011 Film)

  1. I also love history, and WWII movies, I was and am captivated by Bridge on the River Kwai. Also tangentially related to war, Casablanca.

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  2. asiansoup says:

    I watched this today, after your recommendation. All I can say is what a superb film 😀 This is coming from someone who dozes off midway through a war film too.

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  3. Hey, I’m glad you enjoyed it. You know, this movie brings something, that makes it incredibly unique. I wish others war films would take notes from this movie. Sadly, it bombed here in the US, that’s probably why I never heard of it, until the other night.


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