Gaming Glitches, and Bugs, COME ON NOW

I started gaming when I was around three, a long time ago for me. I started out with Pong, which was short lived, I quickly moved on to the NES. First game that ever got me hooked was Super Mario Bros. Since then I’ve moved, to tried to move along with each generation, at best I could. Even sticking with PC gaming as well, not just consoles.

In this time, I have found myself getting caught in worlds, full of glitches, bugs, most aren’t bad. Sometimes I find that what happens is downright funny. Other times though, I find myself getting frustrated, mad, even putting down the game, to never pick it up again. For the most part, developers pour out their heart and soul to makes these games. Many fans will look past it, or make excuses for the developer.

For the most part, I look past them as well, I keep on going. For instance my brother, not matter what game he plays, he gets stuck in something. Being my brother I have to laugh, I can’t help myself. The boy is magnetic to ground, walls, rocks, anything really. I have no clue how he does it.

video-game-glitches-326 A good example of the first game I ever played, that was littered with problems was True Crime New York City. The series as a whole isn’t the best, but it is open world, something that was becoming popular at the time, thanks to Grand Theft Auto.

True_Crime_-_New_York_City_CoverartI remember getting this day one, got home, put it in the Xbox. Played for a few hours, nothing ever went wrong. Then Marcus (Guy you play as) started falling through the world, I had to restart it. Multiple times this happened, along with horrible frame rates, freezing, to the whole worlds textures popping in and out.

At the time, I thought wow, then I suspected my Xbox. I tried it on my brothers, same thing. Why do players have to deal with this? In this case it seems like a rushed product, just to hit shelves for the holidays. Thank you Activision, very much, I’ve held a grudge against Activion to this day. Not because of Call of Duty, I play it all the time, but for True Crimes, you can shove it.

Back in that time of PS2, Xbox, we didn’t have title updates, and patches, at least I don’t remember. (Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.) But now we do, and it seems more and more games release with a ton of problems.

Now remember I don’t care or worry about little things. My main problem is with freezing, console lock ups, things that make the game unplayable. I’m not really concerned with online either, they are getting regular patches and updates.

My biggest problem, and a great example to use imo is Bethesda Game Studios. If you don’t know they are big just for the Elder Scrolls games, and Fallout 3. Now take a look at the Elder Scrolls series, starting with Morrowind, and go from there. I never had that many problems with Morrowind. Just basic little things, no worry, the world was huge and all, it can be forgiven.

elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-3Starting from Oblivion, going to Fallout 3, to Skyrim, I’d sure love to know what happened. Multiples freezes, I hate having to go to the dashboard, or even worse turning my console off, then on again. Why in the world is this acceptable? I mean really, come on now, no body should have to deal with that. NPCs, getting lost, or disappearing, shouldn’t happen. I hired help in Skyrim, we went in a cave, the dude started sliding around on his back, and slowly for the matter. I’m actually glad he died in that cave, he deserved it.

When a game like this releases, and has this many problems, I either want play it long, or just long enough to beat it, that’s it. It really surprises me, a game such as Skyrim can get so much credit, along with hype, while being so broken, even after all the patches its had. Now the game is good, I enjoyed the story, I enjoyed exploring, but I wouldn’t recommend the game to anybody.

Now I’m not going on a rant to just bash Activision on or Bethesda, a ton of other games have seen this problem. And it’s sad, it doesn’t matter if you can patch it after release or not, the fans shouldn’t have to deal with it. If they decided to or not is up to them, which to some it may be worth it.

To me not so much, and if your game freezes on me at least once every time I boot it up, I’ll stop playing it. Have you got any experiences like this? Any games, that you couldn’t stand, because of it freezing, or another type of bug or glitch?


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I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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23 Responses to Gaming Glitches, and Bugs, COME ON NOW

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    I agree about the glitches. I hated the freeze that would happen in two different parts of Skyrim one was in a chamber and the other was fighting that dragon (I think you actually are showing the SS of it). Yea those were annoying, but still it was a great game! -OM
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  2. Matt Marinello says:

    HAHAHAHA….. One problem is there is a short deadline to get a game complete. So getting collisions perfectly realistic and without a glitch is impossible. They just use it so it’s good enough. So in all games you find guns going through doors and like in dead island. You are supposed to run from some over leveled zombies in the beginning but you can take advantage of the glitch where their arms and heads go through the door and just slowly kill them and get lots of experience. In Mario 64 I don’t remember how I did it but I got stuck in the hallway between the outside of the castle in the beginning and the inside. Oh and in pokemon I remember using a glitch to get Mew. I’ve been playing games since like 6 I think. Played the original gameboy nes all that.

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  3. Matt Marinello says:

    Reblogged this on Exit Signs in Virtual Reality and commented:
    Yes. Glitches are funny, and can pretty at times make it so you can’t progress at all and are stuck forever. Good post.

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  4. I’m not a gamer but that first image is hysterical. You need to start a caption contest immediately.

    “Sonja realized too late that Akim’s idea of a well-grounded women would mean sacrifices.”

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  5. Bella says:

    This was great. I remember a lot of those bugs too. With Skyrim I felt like they only increased the charm of the whole thing but we didn’t have that problem with the dragon. I might have Game Raged at that one.

    Hubs in a similar business and I think you’re right about the the product being rushed. The clients, probably Microsoft or w/e in the case of games, are not artists. You’re right – they just wanna get it out there so they can start collecting on their investment. Release dates get pushed back sometimes if developers put their foot down. Can’t imagine telling someone microsoft they’ll have to wait though. Clients always want their stuff yesterday and reign down a fiery hell if it’s not delivered.

    I’m really sad about your Skyrim experience though. We bought our copy used and played it on the most broke ass xbox ever and never had problems like that. We love it to this day and go back to it whenever newer games get boring. We never connected to the net with it though. That xbox never had a Live account at all actually. Maybe that had something to do with it…?

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    • Your right in a lot of instances, the bugs or glitches did add charm to the game. You don’t have to be sorry for my experience. Whats funny though, is my first play through was great, no problems at all, except for minor things.

      The second time, the game was littered with problems, I don’t really understand it. The Xbox being connected or not could have been a factor, I’m not really sure. Thank you for the comment.


  6. joct18 says:

    Do you play minecraft?

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  7. 80smetalman says:

    I was a big Bezerk fan back in 1981 but nowadays it’s strategy games like Age of Empires.

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  8. Even though Skyrim was one of my favorite games to play, and I would recommend it, I do agree with you about the bugs. When I first got the game, just a couple weeks after it was released, the bugs and glitches were unbelievable. If you got hit by a giant, you’d fly into space. I can’t count how many times I watched Lydia fly over a mountain (hope she knows her way back home). The most notable glitch for me happened it Riverwood and Whiterun. It happened after a scripted dragon attack that occurred in one of the towns. After that scene, I could always count on dragon bones either falling from the sky, or coming out of the ground and having seizure-like animations. It was nuts.

    It does seem to be the case now that developers get a free pass as long as they send out patches, but what about my brother who didn’t have internet access when Skyrim came out? He put his money down and never got the bugs fixed. “Oh well, guess he needs the internet.” For me, the most recent example of bad business practice (and it just happens to be my most recent post), is Grand Theft Auto 5 shutting down old Xbox 360s. Let me be very upfront about this: I bought a game for the Xbox 360 that WOULD NOT play on my Xbox 360, because MY Xbox 360 was old, and everyone seems okay with that. I wasn’t, but everyone else basically suggested that it might be time to get a fancy new Xbox One. No.

    Basically, some of the original Xbox 360s just aren’t capable of running games like GTA 5. I had to decide whether or not to hold onto the game and let it collect dust, or upgrade to a newer Xbox 360 Slim. I decided that I might as well use the opportunity to transfer all of my data onto a new console in case mine kicked the bucket, but I learned that people are more willing to put up with crap now. Back in the old days, if a company started selling games that wouldn’t work, or consoles that crashed just because you wanted to play a new game, that company would go out of business. Although I don’t want to see ANY of the big three gaming companies go under, I do hope that reliability will become a priority again.

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    • I’m sorry to hear that about your console. I’ve never had that problem, although I switched to the slims when they first came out. I have heard of some games doing this though. Its a sad thing. I do agree with people letting companies and developers get away with too much. And with that, they will continue to do it.

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