Throwback Gems: Harvest Moon

I wanted to come up with something to do regularly on the blog, and I’ve come up with throwback gems. Once a week I will talk about a favorite game of mine, ranging from the NES era up to the PS2 era.


Harvest Moon was developed by Pack-In-Play, and released on the SNES in 1997 here in the US. Considered a Role Playing Game/ Simulation, about farming. As you may guess from the picture. You may ask a farming sim, really? Yes, yes, and yes, I hear people talk about The Sims, and Animal Crossing. Both are great sims in their own way, but Harvest Moon has always had a special place in my heart.

Any one who has played a simulation game before, knows how fun it can be, or even addicting. Harvest Moon combines both of these, bringing to life a title filled with so much more, than really meets the eye.

Is it really fun planting crops? Taking care of animals? For me it was, I enjoyed waking up, watching to see what the weather was going to be like. Then starting my day, going out, feeding the animals. Taking care of any if they were sick, then going and taking care of my crop. Watering plants, plowing more field, and then planting more crops. After that was done, I’d gather my crops, go into town, and make my money. Gather news supplies if any was needed, and head back.

After thinking about it, I really wish I still had my SNES, and my copy of this game. My nostalgia meter is going off the charts right now. Maybe to much? Nostalgia can do that right?

At the time I had not seen things in other games which was featured in Harvest Moon. Changing seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring, all with the weather typical of that season. It was my first taste of snow, and rain in a game, at least as I remember. Marriage, which was also something new for me.

Harvest Moon also had some special events that would happen, such as festivals. Which gave the game a more special charm, being able to traverse into the town, and participate in special moments. Some also not so great things could happen, a rare earthquake could hit, or hurricane. Scary stuff, I forgot my dog in a storm once, never saw it again. I’m not sure if it died, or it was a bug or glitch.

Sadly for the rest of the series, most of the games haven’t been all the great. And the last several years have seen nothing but portable releases for the series. To be honest if it wasn’t for the Harvest Moon series, I wouldn’t have stayed with Nintendo for as long as I have. I owned a Gamecube, and Wii, just for these games, like I said Harvest Moon holds a special place in my heart.

I hope you all enjoyed this, it was a idea that suddenly popped up. I’m going to make a list of games, and hopefully good ones you all will enjoy reading about. Maybe even some you will have played, and have enjoyed yourself. Thanks for reading.


About crazysnake513

I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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2 Responses to Throwback Gems: Harvest Moon

  1. Ah, we were just talking a little bit about Harvest Moon. Yes, I remember this game, although I only played the Gameboy version. That was the one that wasn’t even in color. It was great. I can remember that my brother and I sat around playing the game on separate Gameboys, talking about what we were accomplishing. After that, it was Pokemon, but we got plenty of farming done on out Gameboys before then.

    Reading your post convinced me to look at some of the other Harvest Moon games available. If I bought one, I’d like it to be one my 4-year-old daughter and I would like playing together. She’s really into horses right now, and I was wondering if you ever played Harvest Moon: Animal Parade for Wii. I heard you could ride a lot of the animals, and that’s something she would like, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a good game.

    Do you have an opinion about a Harvest Moon game we might enjoy? Out of the consoles that Harvest Moon has released games for, we have Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii. I would prefer a Wii game (or GameCube), unless there is a really great one for the DS or PS2.

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    • I haven’t played Animal Parade, but I’ve heard its really good. You can find a good amount across the DS, and a few on the Wii. Stay away from the ones on PS2, they aren’t that good.

      As far as riding animals in Animal Parade, I know you can ride horses, cows, and lambs. I’ve heard you can even ride chickens lol, It might be worth checking out some lets play videos of Animal Parade, I’ve just heard to many good things about it. If I still had my Wii, it’d be in my collection.

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