Toxic Transgression (Update #1)

It has been a little bit since I announced Toxic Transgression. Since then I’ve been working on a lot of different stuff. Concepts, ideas, how to basically put everything together, just hoping it all comes out right. Most people would probably think I’m going in the wrong direction with this post. Because I’m going to show my Gluttony demon, as the way I have it now. Things could change over time, but I like what I have so far.


All these were sculpted in Sculptris, the more I use it I think to myself what a great program, especially considering that it is free. Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself doing a ton of concepts, then scrapping it not long after. I didn’t like that one, lets try again, nope, still don’t like it.


The basic thing was looking at the particular sin, Gluttony, over eating, purging on food, and fat. I read about it, the different ideas with the sin. Every sin is supposedly got a color, animal, and name. Its funny reading some of the things I have ran into, I found a site that described each sin.

Gluttony is associated with the color orange, and the pig as the animal. It also said the reason you do it was because, you were weaned improperly as an infant. Your punishment in hell will be force-fed to eat rats, snakes, and toads. I found all that pretty interesting, along with the names of the demons. Beelzebub being the most common of Gluttony, which I’ve ran up on a few different names. I’m not sure if that is correct, which I don’t mean to be correct, I’m never going meet the demon, or do I ever want to.


One of the reasons I named my blog Explore Animation, was just that. Explore different ideas, and not do the so so usual, or at least whats to be expected. This little creature you see in these pics are indeed Gluttony. Yes, it’s not fat, it looks more like a skeleton of sorts, with a ton of horns, and just a mouth. I was thinking of a different form of the sin, maybe a lower ranking demon of Gluttony.

Although it isn’t finished, its a start, I like it, and I’m going with it. I also realize that just by looking at it, one would not think of Gluttony. Hopefully with everything else, it will pull the general idea, to what this thing is. The general idea I got was this fat, out of shape, and slow demon. Which by looking at other concepts of peoples work, that was what it all lead back to. I just don’t want to rehash it all again, into the work I’m doing.


The reason for showing off the work is to get a general idea of what you think. Do you like it? Hate it? I’m really open to every form of idea, no matter the thoughts. I want people to criticize every little thing I do. To me that helps me get better at what I do, and judging what people dislike, or like.  If you read this and look at the pics, leave a comment, share what you think. Even if its something harsh share it, you want hurt my feelings, I welcome it.


About crazysnake513

I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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4 Responses to Toxic Transgression (Update #1)

  1. majormexx says:

    I like how the forms are archaically foreign, yet familiar somehow. They make me think of some prehistoric fossil dug up on an alien world. Well done!

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  2. It looks like something from the ocean, but I’m not sure that it reminds me of a demon. Maybe if I saw the rest of it, I would understand, but I might go in a different direction. When I look at it, I see something that MIGHT get me if I were swimming, but not if I was sitting at a table. If it flies, it’s going to remind me of Stephen King’s Langoliers, or a science fiction drone.

    Honestly, right now it doesn’t seem to have enough features to know what to think of it. If I were to think of a gluttony demon, I would think of a demon that specializes in gluttony: Fat, gross, and selfish to the point of waste. Even if the demon is lower-ranking, which I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just go full-on glutton demon king, it still doesn’t remind me of gluttony.

    As for the actual design, there are a lot of interesting things going on there. If that were turned into a skull or a helmet for a demon, I would completely get it. It’s disgusting and sharp. That must have taken a while to design, and I would try to put it to use. Also, when you post the pics, consider adding a caption to describe the point-of-view.

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    • Thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it. Since I’ve posted this, I’ve scrapped the idea for using it. I’m holding on to it though, it could come in use for something else. I find it harder coming up with ideas then sculpting them. This one came out of the blue, but has lead to something better.

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