Throwback Gems: Bully

Jimmy_and_GaryLately with the few gems I’ve talked about, they’ve all been early games. Today I decided to bring it up a few generations. Bully arrived on the PS2 back in 2006, or as some may know it Canis Canem Edit. Later being released on Xbox 360, Wii, PC, and I believe later on PS3 as digital download (May be wrong).

Rockstar Games has become a dominate force within the industry, and for good reason, they make great games. I was a little disappointment seeing Bully only release on PS2, it was too good of a game to be an exclusive, even with the later versions.

Bully has a certain magic that just can’t be explained, you have to try it to see it. If you’ve ever had a game that you simply love, and have beaten it multiple time, and find yourself putting hours into more than any other game, then you know how I feel about Bully.

From first glance it’s easy to over look Bully, the game actually looks mediocre. I know a lot of people who passed on the game, I almost did. It’s quite easy to, when trying to compare it to other Rockstar games.

At first glance you notice you go to school, you want be killing anyone, you can’t drive cars, the world needs to be bigger, with more side activities. All that compacted into one, is surely enough to make you turn to another game.

Surely though, this will make you decide to pick the game up, if you haven’t already. The game offers a lot of comedy. The characters are great, as well as the story, which offers the classical Rockstar someone wronged you, go get revenge tale. You get a skateboard, bicycle, scooter, and moped to traverse the world on. And a good mix of all the weirdness Rockstar usually puts into the game.

Bully will come off as short, and a ton of other shortcomings will come to the surface. Which isn’t a bad thing to me. It gives a great concept to go from when creating a sequel, which I hope we get soon. If you haven’t played the game, I highly suggest that you do. Bully is one of the few I find myself going back to play.


To my followers, I just want to thank all of you, your all awesome. I may not do a update on Toxic Transgression this week, I’ve got a few technical problems that have arisen. As soon as I get past those, you’ll get one.


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