The greatness that is Rockstar Games

In today’s age gaming is huge, the industry battles it out each year when releasing new games. A lot of publishers and developers have got a huge reputation, and fans who follow them. When it comes to the entertainment industry, no matter if it’s gaming, film, music, art, everyone has their favorite. Mine being Rockstar Games, I’m no fanboy though, may as well get that out of the way.

Back in the PS1 days Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto, a lot of people passed it up, you never heard anyone talk about it. Skip a few other releases such as Monster Truck Madness 2, Wild Metal Country, and Thrasher: Skate and Destroy. Then comes GTA 2, yet with all these titles, we still have a company that hasn’t really made a name for themselves.

In this time though, its easy to see why, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, and a slew of other big named titles, that were extraordinary. Skip forward once again, we see the Midnight Club series rise. Yet Rockstar is still a very unknown name amongst most gamers.

Not until 2001 with Grand Theft Auto 3, that we see the name Rockstar all over the place. Ever since then, they have been able to keep it that way, and still keep making a bigger name and brand. GTA has a big following, and it is easy to see why. Even as it is the biggest series for Rockstar, I personally don’t think it’s what makes the company stick out.

Other games/series they have made like Bully, Manhunt, the Red Dead series is. I don’t have to explain Bully, I’ve talked enough about it in previous blogs. Take Manhunt, its different, and downright crazy. The getting put in a snuff film for the amusement of the director, making you fight for your life, is crazy enough. Its priceless imo, skip to Manhunt 2, the same thing except for a crazy man fighting his own demons, to find the truth out about his own past, makes for a brilliant game.

To a lot of people the series may just look violent, or even appear as nothing else. I feel like more comes from it, and I’d love to see the series continue. Now skip to the Red Dead series, which makes your inner cowboy come out. Red Dead Revolver was a great change to most games we see. It didn’t really rise to it’s full potential, but defiantly made way for something better.

Red Dead Redemption came out, and showed how much fun a western game can be, if done right. I think it also shows how much potential a western has within the stockpiles of horror, modern war, and fantasy, floating around. Lets not even forget about The Warriors, in a industry that almost never gets movie related games right. The Warriors was a title that spent a good amount of time in my Xbox.

That’s just the development side of Rockstar, lets take a glance at the publishing side. What would have happened if Rockstar turned down Bungie’s Oni, or Remedy’s Max Payne, and Team Bondi’s LA Noire? I’m sure another publisher may have picked it up, but then again we’ll never know, because Rockstar didn’t turn them down.

Now besides all the great games over the years, with the countless hours spent on these titles. Rockstar has proven at least to me, that they are a worth company to support, more than most. With things like The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC for GTA IV,  its just astounding that they gave that to us.

My main reason for writing this blog, was the idea the new trailer for GTA V gave me on next gen. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet here it is.

The trailer shows a developer taking a game and completely changing the way it is meant to be played. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out, only time will tell if it is good that way or not.

With that, in no way do I think Rockstar Games is a perfect developer/publisher, I just really enjoy their games. I’d actually like to see them move away from a few things like Grand Theft Auto, and Liberty City.

I wouldn’t mind seeing them explore Carcer City more than they have, it would make a good setting in a game, which we have seen in Manhunt, and heard about in the GTA games. I’d also like to see them do other genres of games. After seeing what they did with the Undead Nighmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption, I think they ought to do a horror open world game.

That’s just me though, I can’t wait to see what Rockstar does in the future. I’m sure they will continue to amaze me, a long with many other fans. If you’ve got any developers or publishers you really like, I wouldn’t mind hearing who they are. It’s always nice to hear others opinions on this topic.


About crazysnake513

I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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2 Responses to The greatness that is Rockstar Games

  1. I think Rockstar has become one of my favorite video game companies. Obviously, Grand Theft Auto was a huge hit, for both current and previous generation consoles, but I played Red Dead Redemption almost non-stop. It was so good! L.A. Noire is another excellent game that I’m in the process of playing. Rockstar takes chances, and people trust them enough for the games to pay off. I hope they keep making original stuff, and keep taking risks. We’ve been getting some really interesting games because of it.

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