What is the future of DreamWorks Animation?

I check out animation news everyday, its one of the first things I do when I log in on my computer. The usual day of news consist of nothing big really, most just little news. Over the past few weeks though, a few things have been catching my eye. If you follow any kind of animation news, you’ve probably seen DreamWorks Animation a few times.

A few weeks ago I noticed DWA was in talks with SoftBank, with the potential of selling DWA to SoftBank. I had never personally heard of SoftBank, so I decided to look them up, to try and figure out what kind of company they are. It turns out SoftBank is a Japanese telecommunications and internet corporation, with operations in internet, finance, e-commerce, ect. at ton of things.

SoftBank even has a 80% stake in Sprint, which this kind of thing seems normal for this company. The deal between DWA and SoftBank didn’t work out. I decided to take a look at other news related to DWA, to see what else has been going on.

Apparently the SEC is investigating DWA over the movie Turbo. I find it strange this wasn’t in news more than it was. After reading news about it, I can see why, its all strange and hard to follow. I didn’t look into it much, because all the rules and regulations these companies have to follow is simply mind boggling.

This week news of DWA being in talks with Hasbro popped up all over the place. We all know who they are, and this time it seemed like talks may go further, than they did with SoftBank. Before the end of the week though, everything had slowed down, and it seems like it isn’t going to happen.

Disney comes into this matter, as they have a deal with Hasbro, over toys. Because of this Hasbro gets a before hand look into Disney movies, I’m assuming to start making their line of toys, before the movie comes out, so they can be ready. Kind of makes sense, you wouldn’t want your possibly biggest competitor looking at your work, if the deal did work out.

Then with all of this comes DWA’s stock that seems to keep falling, along with the losses they keep taking on their movies. It makes me wonder, what is the future of this studio? Will they eventually find someone who will buy them?

DWA has been around since 1994, in that time they have released 29 feature films. With only a few of those having sequels, and becoming really successful franchises. Looking at all the data on DWA, with how much each film cost, then how much it makes. Then looking at how critics scores these films, it makes me think how much this company has fought to survive.

Disney has been around since my great great great grandparents times, and has usually put out hit after hit. Pixar has simply been releasing hits as well, and people love them. It just makes me wonder if we are seeing the decline of DWA. Especially considering the rise of other animated films such as, Ice Age, and Despicable Me.

I’ll be honest though besides Shrek, DWA ain’t got much else I have loved. I’d like to see this company go into a hiding spot, explore their imagination, and come out with some knock out movies. Only time will tell where all this is leading the company, in the near future.


About crazysnake513

I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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2 Responses to What is the future of DreamWorks Animation?

  1. sbox180 says:

    To me, Dreamworks never had much of an edge on Pixar films. Generally speaking Pixar films were and still are must sees for me more so than Dreamworks films. I by no means wish ill against Dreamworks because they were such a big part of my childhood. But I honestly think Shrek was their opus and they need to find another to take its place.

    If Shrek 5 comes out in future years, then we all have reason to worry about Dreamworks’ state.


    • Thats the thing with DWA they aren’t being as great as they could be. I myself like Shrek a lot, but I want new stuff as well.

      A rumor has it that Shrek 5 is in the works, which wouldn’t suprise me. Until it is officially announced though, we will have to wait and see.

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