Ports, HD Remasters, and Collections


This may be a touchy subject for some, I in no way intend for it to be. As gamers, we all have certain games, series, that we like and love. So much so, that we always want the ability to play it any time we choose to. Now if you have been apart of gaming since the early days, having ports, remasters, or collections isn’t necessarily nothing new.

Though starting with last generation (Xbox 360, PS3), it is coming more common. Does anyone else find this to be a problem? It isn’t a bad thing at all, especially when you get a game that was once a exclusive ported to another platform, such as Halo CE and Halo 2 on PC, or Bully on PC, Xbox 360, and Wii. Not everyone can afford multiple consoles, and having a game ported, opens up new players being able to experience something new.

The same argument can be said about every other game being ported, which is a valid point. Yet, I can’t see the reason why we keep getting the same games, so early on. The idea of this post came with the news of Final Fantasy 7, being ported to PS4. Don’t get me wrong, I love FF7, just like the rest of the community. Seriously though, do we really need it on PS4? How many people are going to buy it?

Take in point, the recently released Master Chief Collection. I will admit, I like the idea of having some of my favorite games in one package. To top it off, I would be able to play Halo 2 online again. But here is where my problem comes in, I still have all my original Halo games. At times I still played Halo 2 online with Xbox Connect, and Xlink Kai.

I myself don’t want a port, or remaster of something I already have. Adding to that, most games that are getting this are still fresh within my mind. Going back to FF7, give us a true remake. Not a port, or partial remake, then we can have something to talk about. If I’m stuck with the same old thing, then I’m not buying it. I’d rather have something new and fresh.

I would like to yell reboot at this point, but seeing how most hardcore fans of a series finds their nostalgia being ruined, it is hard for a developer to do that. A great idea would be for a reboot-remake of FF7, if that makes sense. I’m not a developer of games, and my little voice doesn’t speak for every fan, it’s even harder since we all have different opinions on things.

Yet like I’ve said some people enjoy it, I can’t blame anyone for not doing so. I’ve even bought some myself. Yet it has gotten to the point that I’m disappointed at seeing and hearing about old titles instead of new ones.

Take a HD collection, they are nice to have right? But doesn’t it come to a point when things just seem like a money grab? I had the chance to play the Silent Hill collection, and I was highly disappointed in it. It had problems such as sound issues, and other things, it makes me cringe for a series like Silent Hill. Sadly I don’t think the 360 version ever saw a patch.

Let me know what you think? I think everyone has bought a port, or remaster at one point, or a collection. Do you like having the option to buy your favorite game on a new console? Or do you keep your original copy, and keep playing it?


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I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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12 Responses to Ports, HD Remasters, and Collections

  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    Good games should come back in a form the new generation should be able to enjoy, yet I feel like more often it is about the easy money selling guaranteed success with a fresh coat of paint.

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    • Thanks for sharing your view on it. I do agree that great classics should come back for newer generations, yet the fresh coat of paint doesn’t always warrant the re-release. Lets hope the easy cash grab changes over time.


    • nerdofprey says:

      I for one never played the FF series (had no access to playstations growing up) and, other than finding ROMs, the remasters are the only way to really explore these old cult classics. I believe they serve a purpose, but I don’t buy them if I own the original. I still have my original copy of Halo: Combat Evolved and do not plan on buying any of the newer editions of the old product. The only faint reason I might even consider it is to play it on PC… but that’s not enough to get me to fork it over.

      I do see some of the point with something like the Halo collection because, IIRC, it contains all the way up to Halo 4 – a perfect way to introduce it to people switching systems onto the Xbox train who have missed the earlier installments. I almost wish I had access to something of that sort for Assassin’s Creed – a game I have never played and have never convinced myself is worth paying all the money it’d take to get all of the games in the line. Foiled by my own shallow pockets, I suppose.

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      • I think we all can agree that the best purpose for ports, or any remake is for anyone who hasn’t played them. I’m in the same boat when it comes to a game that I’ve never played.

        I may have over looked the fact though that I’ve just been blessed to have played as many games as I have. I was lucky enough to grow up with a bunch of family/friends who are also gamers, that brought in the being able to share aspect.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and thanks for posting, it means a lot.

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  2. Aether says:

    I’m all for HD re-releases, remakes, etc. I find it to be a great way to pick up on games when I never had the chance, due to age or lack of consoles, to get the originals. It is very, incredibly rare that I get a new version of a game I already had, though. But all in all, I usually appreciate that they’re there. Either they help me get some classic games into my library, or they give others the chance to do the same.

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    • Thanks for the input, and it is nice having new people come into a series they’ve never played, or maybe never heard of. Still instead of most of these fresh games, I’d like to see more older titles, just me though.


  3. theteagamer says:

    I like HD collections and remakes, but only if they work. The issue of Final Fantasy VIII’s music on Steam not sounding anything at all like the original, plus the major disc issues of Final Fantasy X HD (where the video is locked at 720 and oftentimes glitches out, making the game unplayable) is simply unacceptable. Silent Hill’s HD collection is another one that should have been given more time for attention to details. If they are going to remake the games, they have to be done properly, not in such a way as to make it obviously a money scheme.

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    • I agree with your views on them. Putting out something, that has problems is wrong. And makes it worse when they want fix them. Its kind of pointless to release a remake or port, when it isn’t as good as the original.

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  4. Red Metal says:

    When it comes to remakes, I take a case-by-case attitude. I feel that some games don’t need to be remade because they’re perfect the way they are and remaking them would inevitably remove what made them good in the first place. Other games I feel do warrant a remake because they haven’t aged well. I especially think this is true of games made in the early 3D era, partly due to the outdated visuals and partly because games made in that time period often had spotty translations. Final Fantasy VII falls in the latter category with both problems and the fact that SquareEnix constantly refuses to remake the game demonstrates a very arrogant attitude. It’s almost like they know they can sell their games on brand alone and, consequently, they can get away with alienating their longtime fans as long as new ones take their place.

    As for HD collections, I’m okay with them as long as they stay true to the original versions. They’re really helpful for getting games that were previously out of print. I was really impressed with the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection in particular as that was a case of the developers going above and beyond – not only including ports of my two favorite games in the series MGS2 and MGS3, but also including Peace Walker, which never had a console release until then. I bought it for Peace Walker alone and ended up enjoying it a lot.

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    • Thanks for sharing you view. As far as the Metal Gear Solid collection goes, I’m guilty of buying it as well, simply for Peace Walker. That alone was worth the money to me, but I always enjoy going back to play the older games. Its hard not to when you love a series so much.

      As far as FF VII goes, I know fans want a remake, I would fall into that. Your right though Square does come off as selling their brand, a lot of company’s seem to do this. That is our fault for letting them do it though. This falls under a ton of problems the industry gets away with such as: Ignorant dlc that isn’t needed, continuous releases of some series every year, among other problems.


  5. “Easy cash grab” means that someone is willing to hand over money to get something. I have no problem with Square/Enix putting Final Fantasy 7 on Playstation 4, and I probably wouldn’t mind being able to play on my Xbox 360 if I had the opportunity. There is a much bigger discussion here about economics, and the availability of a product. I remember when Final Fantasy 7 was selling, SELLING, for over $80 on EBay. I really wanted that game, but I couldn’t afford to pay that much. Now I can, because there are other ways to play. I was able to buy a copy of the game for a reasonable amount on EBay once the price dropped (supply/demand), no problem (I didn’t have a PS3, or else I probably would have bought the ported version).

    But I guess the debate is, when will the cash grab stop? That’s easy. When people don’t want to pay money for a product, that product will either be improved, or it will go away. Besides, it’s more absurd to want the practice of porting desirable games to stop than it is to want to stop the practice of make money. If someone made a product that I love, and wants to put it on new hardware instead of remaking the old PS1 hardware all over again, why should a 3rd party come between me and my game? They have it, and I want it again. I’m willing to pay for it again.

    I think the problem that a lot of people have with Final Fantasy 7, specifically, and as an example, is that there is a vocal audience that wants something fresh, something that has had a lot of hard work poured into it, and something that translates well with the newest hardware. I couldn’t agree more. Just as I wouldn’t be able to justify telling person A not to sell a port to person B because it’s an easy money-grab (to a very satisfied customer who could not get the product any other way), I would have a hard time protesting a well-done remake of ANY game, especially Final Fantasy 7. If they screwed it up, oh well, I have the original and there are ports of the original. Even as a nostalgia hound, I would cut them some slack for trying at this point.

    Great topic, by the way!

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