Destiny Explored (Part 2)

It’s been about 14 or so days, give or take since I last talked about Destiny. Since that time, I have found myself putting in any spare time I’ve had with the game, more than I really should. To say that I like the game is turning out to be an understatement big time.

Since the last update, The Dark Below has released, and instead of just having one character I have all three now. I want to go through and talk about it all just a bit, at least what I’ve experienced. To start out, I still haven’t played many multi-player games, I’m just to distracted to really care about it. The music was something I had forgot in the last post, I enjoy it so much. Good job to all the composers who worked on the game.

thFirst up is my Titan, who I started out with, and have played the most with. Last post, he was at level 26, now at level 27. Not much has changed, I just started back playing with him. I got to say out of the three, the Titan is the most fun to play with. Overall the Titan fits my play style better. I’m sure not everyone agrees, and most likely you can fit any character to any need. I like an up close fight, the Titan feels suitable for that.

theNext I started out with the Warlock, I’m glad I did, it was fun playing as one. What made the Warlock stick out was the subclass Voidwalker, that Nova Bomb was fun to mess around with. The whole time I was playing as the Warlock, I found myself comparing it to the Titan, and in doing so I didn’t find many things I disliked about the character. I got him up to level 20, and will defiantly put more time into it.

theeLastly was the Hunter, who I also got up to level 20, and got there quicker than I had with the first two. One thing I noticed was starting off, I was handed a sniper, which isn’t a bad thing. After looking in each of the subclasses, I noticed the Hunter was more geared toward being stealthy. Stealth isn’t a bad thing at all, I enjoy stealth games a lot. But over the length of the story, I began realizing the Hunter wasn’t for me. Every which way I tried, I found myself having to hide to regenerate health, or dying.

To say any of this is a bad thing is a long shot, it is easy to tell the Hunter was made for this. Yet some people may play up close, its probably more easily doable once I’d level up more. Yet as of right now, my Hunter will stay at level 20.

The Dark Below came out last Tuesday, and I got it since I’m enjoying the game so much. It came with 3 new missions, a new strike (Two on Playstation I believe), a new raid, and some new quest.

So far I have completed the story missions, which were about the same as we have seen already. Fighting the Hive is a lot of fun, I enjoy spending my time in those dark corners and such. As much as I enjoyed it though, it came to and end way to quick, even with those little quest put in with it. The strike, was something that I didn’t really care for, not that it’s bad. I just hate dealing with the wizards, they are the most annoying enemy in the game to me.

The raid, I haven’t done yet, as I’m not high enough. I still haven’t went in the Vault of Glass yet either, which I need to do soon. As far as the whole DLC package goes, I have no doubt in my mind it should have been released on day one and not as DLC. I’m pretty sure my opinion on the upcoming DLC will be the same when it releases.

I’m still enjoying the game though, just as much as when I first started. Even with no MP being played, or any of the two raids yet. I’ve found myself making new friends a long the way, and haven’t had any bad experiences with the community. Maybe if you wanna count on a person dropping out on a strike or something. The challenge for two makes that up in not being a bad thing.

This is the last update I will do until the next DLC, which will release in 2015 at some point.


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I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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  1. Sometimes I enjoy reading about games that other people enjoy, even if I don’t play the games. It’s good to know that you’ve had a great time playing Destiny, and I enjoyed reading about it.

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