The Fabled King


(Post will contain spoilers) So I finished up Fable 3 late last night, after making a solid playthrough, at least I thought. I had mentioned I had passed on Fable 3 when it first came out. 2010 was a really good year to me, with games like Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 2, Halo Reach, Alan Wake, and so many more. So you probably get why I decided to pass on the game to start with.

I’ve been a fan of the series since the first title, and loved the first two games in the series. If I’m not mistaken though, Fable 3 came with some backlash, or at least hearing fans say it was the worst in the series. So I decided to hold off, and five years later I picked it up lol.

To start off, I enjoyed how the game starts off, casting you in the shoes of a prince or princess, which is also the child of the former hero from Fable 2. I had my hopes dropped a little, when I couldn’t make my young prince from scratch. Which isn’t a big deal, but just something I’ve gotten use to with most RPG’s.

Combat is a big thing its something you will be doing a lot of. It has been awhile since I played either of the two other games in the series. But they felt a lot more fun from memory. Fable 3, which features the same, sword close quarters combat, magic, and gun play, is good to a point. But I’m always a close guy, and a sword is always a weapon of choice, yet it felt stiff, and I barely used it. I almost always being surrounded by enemies reverted to shoot roll, or magic roll around to avoid getting hit.

Maybe I’m wrong, and my mind is going blank, I’m about positive the other games weren’t like that. Even when upgrading my melee I still found myself avoiding it. None of this can be changed though, lets get to the good stuff, the story.

I get into the story, the game goes through its “lets show you the ropes of a few things”. Then I meet my brother, who is king, and someone I hate. I soon find myself in a tough situation, execute some fellow people who I will be leader of one day, or my love interest. No one wants to kill your love interest do they? I did, lol and I felt bad, I really did.

Being put in this situation is not a good one, yet having experience in games, I knew where the story was already leading me. I was about to venture out, and try or hopefully win the support of the world, and I was right. So my love had to go, and before anyone says anything, she was telling me to pick her. (Sigh) One person is better than several I guess.

I soon find myself out in the world trying to win support of every group of people I can find. Which is fine, I enjoy games like that, but I feel like their should have been a way to fail. If there was I missed out on it, I soon find myself easily winning the support of every group I possibly could. Only having to make them a promise, when I find myself at the throne.

And the last battle comes, I go through all my brothers best guards, and I walk in to… Wait.. Have him carried out to stand for trial? This was unforeseen, and left my in shock. I told myself, well this sucks, I felt like I was getting trolled by Lionhead. So I go to the trial, and I’m thinking I’m gonna kill my brother. I then find myself in another tough situation, one that I didn’t see coming.

Turns out he did everything he could to save the kingdom, from this evil darkness that is getting ready to assault it. So in turn I thought to myself, I can’t kill him, not knowing what I know now. To be honest though, I wasn’t ready for what was about to come, I had no clue.

The game gives you two choices, you can be a good guy, keep the promises you made, make the people love you. Yet in turn, it will be hard for your kingdom to survive in the end. But.. you can be the bad guy, break every promise, make the people hate you, and you should do just fine against the darkness.

Running through the game as a good man, I decided not to change a thing. I was going to try and hold out, gather every bit of strength I could, and send this darkness to hell. But I was soon let down, the final choices are rough on you. It is unforgiving, no wonder the former king done what he did.

I stayed true to what I promised I would though, I keep the promises to the several groups. I stuck with the people in every choice they wanted to make, except for a few. Yet almost to the end I found myself in dire need of money, with no time left. And in the end had over half the population killed with it.

Now you decide, is that fair? Nope, and it turns out that I did get trolled in end. I haven’t had a game twist itself on me like that in a while. I’m all for craziness, I just wish I could have seen that coming. If I ever do a second playthrough, I will know though, and I will be prepared for it.

Overall Fable 3 was a blast, and I did enjoy it. I kind of wished that I wouldn’t have waited so long to play it now. It still featured all the little side quest you can do which is fun, and some are hysterical. You can still find odd jobs to do, a long with buying property, such as stores, houses to buy and rent out or buy for yourself and family.

I’ve always enjoyed little things in the series such as being able to marry someone, and have kids with. I kind of go over board, I had a wife for every city, and a child to go with them. Which took a lot of money, but in the end I got a divorce with each one to save money. Which sent all my kids to the orphanage, I went there and all I could see was my kids lol. Daddy, I knew you’d come back for me, which I did, so don’t call me a bad man.

As far as the wives go, I swear each one of them deserved it. They all gave me some kind of different STD. Or come to think about it, that may have been my fault lol. If you have played Fable 3, I’d like to hear your opinion on it.


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I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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4 Responses to The Fabled King

  1. Aether says:

    I think the moral dilemma at the end was what I liked most about the game, at least at first. Do you royally screw people over to get the cash to save their lives later? It posed some decisions that made me feel uncomfortable in a good way. However, I quickly realized that you can use your personal funds to support the war effort, and I already owned all the money in Albion, so those choices kind of lost their sting.

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    • I unlike you hadn’t built up that much money. What I did have though, was going to support all the crazy flings I was having. But I did find out afterwards that the days don’t count down unless you complete the missions. Sadly I wish I would have known this before hand, I would have prepared more.


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