Throwback Gems: Disruptor

390294-disruptor-playstation-screenshot-firing-robotsDisruptor was released 1996, for the Playstation, and developed by Insomniac Games. In fact, it was the first game developed and released by Insomniac. It is a FPS, and often considered a Doom clone, like most FPS games back then. I would consider Disruptor an obscure game, but a worthy title.

It isn’t no where near the best game on the PS, and you could find a better FPS at the time. Yet what it did give players was, amazing fun action. Making you fight to survive in each level the best you could. To add it featured powers called Psionics, which would let you shock your foes, or drain their health. This at the time seemed like something fun, and new to use.

No game is perfect, Disruptor did come with some annoying little things. Health & ammo packs would be placed in weird locations, most of the time when you wouldn’t need one. Then when you found yourself in trouble, you wouldn’t be able to find one. You wouldn’t be able to count on checkpoints either, they are few to little. This turns the challenge up for anyone seeking it. The downfall here, is the amount of times you get close to an exit, and find you get overwhelmed by baddies.

With all this Disruptor is still a fun game to set down and play, even with the shortcomings. It was surprisingly not well know, I’ve meet one person who has heard of it. One of the greater things with a old game like this, is to see where a developer started. It may not be Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, or even Resistance, still a worth title in Insomniac’s library of games.

I’ll have something for you all tomorrow, I had said I was working on something. The only thing to do is render it, which I’m about to do. So I’ll see you tomorrow.


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I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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2 Responses to Throwback Gems: Disruptor

  1. Astro Adam says:

    Even then they had neat weapons, or in this case Psionics, in their games. It’s neat to see how far Insomniac has come too.

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