The Voyage of Zart: A Journey Begins


If you would like, you can just scroll down and watch the video. I want to talk about my struggles I went through making this.

To start off, I went with a new engine to work with, for the simple reason of having faster render times. When I say faster, this took maybe around 30 minutes to render out. Compared to the other engine, which would have taken no less than 2 hours at the most. With a new engine comes new ways to do things, which at first, it looked like it wouldn’t be.

I was fooled, then started the trouble, mistakes made, which is fine. That is of course apart of the learning experience right? Besides, I’m not a pro, I haven’t been to college, its all be self taught. While taking in a few tutorials here and there, while they are good, they will only get you so far. This kind of makes me stray away from them for the most part, end the end it ends up hurting more than it should.

First Room

The first thing to note was the textures, I haven’t fooled with them much. Only on small things, so I was pretty surprised at the amount of time it took to put all this in, in a bigger scale. It got frustrating at a point, everything looked different than in the video. I got every texture in, but forgot to actually map them to the object. This made me have to go back and do it all over. So in turn, I went with less textures.

You will also notice the textures aren’t on point, and you can tell it in a lot of places. Add in the fact that none of it has depth. This is something that needs work, and will come with time. I have to search for textures, which takes up a lot of time. It seems you can’t never find something when you need it. It takes even longer, when you have to search for stuff you can actually use, with out it coming back to bite you in the butt.

Tunnel Tube1

Aside from the textures, enclosed rooms, and lighting is something I need work on. I’ve previously showed little pieces of work. They have all been small, and most have been open, no closed in. I find it harder to do something closed up, but I want to get better at it.

The lighting though, was harder to deal with, as you can tell. I couldn’t find that right range that it needed to be. It was either too bright, or dark, and nothing seemed to help. The hardest thing in a room, for me is having the light bounce off of everything.

Next is the actual animation part, this had me frustrated to a point I was mad. Zart our main character wasn’t wanting to follow a set path, and walk it. Instead he would teleport, if he was real, I would have smacked him a few times. It was funny to watch those, and even though I couldn’t figure out what was wrong I will. This is why you have all the little weird camera angles, coupled with it going so fast.

Third Room

This time around you get some old classical music. The biggest thing holding me back is music, and sound effects. Everything else I can learn, and I have the tools to do so. The sound though, isn’t something I have. I also don’t have any talent to go with that department.

Until I can find someway to get them, I’m screwed on that part. It would be nice to be able to put anything that sounds nice in, yet you can’t. Maybe I will soon, I’ve found a few sites I like, I just have to look them over a little more. If those end up being worth it, then I will have what I need here.

To sum everything up, this was a failure, that isn’t a bad thing though. You can’t get better without it. I had promised before, I would start sharing things I was working on, now I am. You all had also seen some things, or rather ideas I had. I haven’t scrapped those, but I feel they would be better projects for when my skill has raised.

It may also be worth noting that I’m only one person lol. Most animations/short animations you watch, have multiple people working on them. Usually at least one different person for each thing, if not two. Living in a small town where everyone likes to do nothing but party, its hard to find people to help you.

As I continue to learn and work with this, I will also be adding stuff to the blog, in different menus. I should have some up this week at some point, to give you all a better understanding of characters, planets, and other things. I will add them slowly though, when the time is right. I have a full timeline leading up to the current events even, to me my ideas are usually better than my execution.

Even with all this, I’ll be glad to show you all my work. As it gets better, I hope you all will enjoy it more.


About crazysnake513

I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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2 Responses to The Voyage of Zart: A Journey Begins

  1. Aether says:

    For what it’s worth, aside from the textures, not a whole lot of the troubles you mentioned really stood out to me here.

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    • Thank you for that, it really means a lot. I was kind of hoping that would be the case with most things. With me making it and seeing it, I know whats wrong. So it is kind of hard putting myself in the viewer perspective, and not noticing anything.

      Liked by 1 person

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