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Stick-of-Truth(May contain spoilers)

South Park has been around for awhile, at some point I’m sure everyone has seen the show at least once. Even if you don’t like the show, you got to give it respect for the amount of things it has accomplished. Back in my teenage years I was a fan of the show, only with my interest in it fading over time.

Besides being seen in plenty of episodes over the years, fans have also been able to witness this show turn into a video games. I’ve never played a South Park game, that was much fun. That was until I played The Stick of Truth, and I got to say I was hesitant about buying it. Only to fear the transition of show going to video game, which doesn’t work well, most of the time.

I hadn’t keep up with news about the game, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I had just keep hearing how good the game is. Having heard Parker and Stone worked close with Obsidian, eases the worries one may have. Plus, I needed and new RPG to play, couple that with catching it on sale, why not.

It doesn’t take long to realize the story follows suit of most other RPGs. You are the sole person everyone is counting on to save South Park. And while the outside looks ordinary, deeper down, it gets crazy, weird, and hilarious. I was confronted with numerous situations that made me laugh or say what in the world.

Easily the best thing about the story, is how it brings together the characters we know so well. The downside here is the game strays away at times when it shouldn’t, or never explored areas it could have. Which in my opinion is a huge opportunity missed, which in turn could have brought about a more enjoyable experience.

For instance, you start out with Cartman, and that is it. On the other side of things, you have Kyle. Which you only get one instant to change sides, and after the next mission, things doesn’t matter anymore. Both sides are thrown together to stand and fight against a common enemy who threatens all. Which works best, but it still would have been nice to have that choice at the beginning, to chose this side or the other.

The rest of the story starts getting good, although weird at times. It will throw some things at you, and twist things at times. A few instances I felt like I was being trolled by the developers, which in this case wasn’t a bad thing. I have to say though, the ending although good, could have been better.

The town of South Park is nice and big, and has plenty of places to explore to find loot. Stores to buy potions, weapons, armor, and so on. A lot of these locations will be spots for side quest. The game features a good amount, and all of them were fun. Certain ones get you a character that you can summon during battle.

The gameplay is another thing that I really enjoyed, which I’ve always enjoyed a good turn based game. At the start of meeting Cartman, you can pick from four classes, Fighter, Mage, Thief, and Jew. I choose the fighter, which I’m not sure what the differences in the classes are. I’m guessing the biggest thing is the weapons you use, and how you use them. As the fighter, I still had the ability to use magic (which is farting).

I’m guessing when it comes down to it, they are no different than any other RPG. Maybe for the exception of the Jew. Cartman just says we can never be friends if you pick that one.  You can also make your character at the start, which will change over time, as you find more collectables.

The Stick of Truth is downright fun, and I loved every bit of it. I think it is worth every bit I spent on it. As great as it is though, the biggest disappointment with the game, is simply the things that it is missing. At the start it doesn’t seem like much, but over time, and when you’ve completed it, you realize great things are missing.

The biggest thing is characters, I felt like they had plenty of opportunities but missed it, or skipped putting them in. Towlie was a big one for me, I always liked that character. In turn you will only get him in a loading screen. Other characters are only mentioned, such as Mecha-Streusand, Or you get a little phone call from someone like Big Gay Al.

The biggest surprise is no Saddam Hussein or the Devil. Both of which would have been great in the game. Damien the devils soon is in the game, so I thought I’d seen the devil at some point. It only made sense, with all the craziness going on, yet I was wrong. Now I also know some characters have died in the show. I’m not sure who all has, since I haven’t watched it in ages.

I also realize the development cycle for this game was a little crazy, and some things was cut. Even with all this, I still think The Stick of Truth is a fun and interesting game. I haven’t enjoyed a RPG like this in awhile. With all the humorous situations, I think its about time, more developers give us something similar. I’m not saying we need a ton of games with raunchy material. All comedy isn’t that, but we have to many games that are serious, and they take themselves to serious.

I would love to see a sequel of some form, it is apparent that the love and attention needed did in fact go into the game. Its nice to see everything for the most part work out, and hopefully this want be the last we see of South Park in the gaming world. May the adventure continue forward.


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