Some old treats

What a long week it has been, I have been able to lose track with everything. I’m sure some have noticed it, since I have only posted one thing. As this week has finally slowed down, I started thinking what can I write about.  It finally hit me when I received an email. The message I got was from an old site I haven’t been on in years. It was a place I went and uploaded my poetry on. I used to write poetry all the time, mainly because I liked rhyming words lol.

I never showed anyone really, except for the people on that site. It wasn’t something I was comfortable with, I’ve got old notebooks all around my room no one has laid eyes on. But I thought it would be a nice thing to share. Keep in mind I was younger when I wrote these, and as for the format.. well you get me, that pretty much sums it up. I’ll put two of them up for you all, and you can then tell me what you think about them. Have a good weekend.

My Addiction

Out of thin air you suddenly grabbed hold, before I knew it I hit the ground, and my body felt so cold.

I honestly thought you were a one time thing, around every corner I was found, and you would cling. Once again taking hold and giving me what felt like a bee sting.

We hadn’t even been together that long before I hit rock bottom. Everyone had left and you was the only thing I had, I hated you so much. Yet at the end of the day I wanted you o so bad.

You twisted my brain, you cleverly seduced my body into an induced zombie like state. And every single time I foolishly fell for the bait.

Then suddenly what seemed like a lifetime I awoke, even though you tried to provoke.

I knew I was set free, no longer would I be absentee.

I slowly but surely climbed out of this black hole, at once I knew I had won back my soul. I had surely just made you fail at your goal.

So now I say goodbye for good, I’ll never be with you again I hope that is understood.

With this eviction I just knew now for good I had kicked my addiction.


As I set alone in a place I wish I could call my home. I start to think as the chills go from my skin all the way to the bone.

I take a look at my life, pathetic I’d say. Deep down it’d be more exciting if I was a wooden puppet in a play.

As friends and family come and go. I just follow the stream of nature in it’s flow. A secluded and lonely life is simply all I know.

I’ve slowly but surely become so emotionless, I can’t even shed a tear or cry. I can’t see the future, but I can tell I’ll be lonely till the day I die.

I get told I’m o so sweet and nice. Yet can you tell me why my heart feels like it’s covered in ice? In this moment I not only ask once, but twice.

What is my purpose and reason being put on this land? Especially when I have no one by my side or even to grasp hold of my hand?

Everyone eventually leaves no matter if their friend or foe. Now in the end doesn’t that go to show?


About crazysnake513

I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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  1. Thanks for sharing mate! 🙂


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