The beast that is BioShock Infinite

8592043504_0ef6f2f8e1_bI had bought Infinite back around Christmas, simply because the deals were ridiculous. I had also mentioned previously, my love/hate relationship with the first two in the series. The main reasons being a story, I wasn’t interested in, and have actually forgotten pretty much. And them coming off being way to repetitive for me, that it just killed the fun in a lot of ways.

With all that I was hesitant to even buy this one, and I had a grim feeling even booting it up for the first time. I hadn’t given the game much attention, I’ve just heard people rave about it being great. So needless to say, I was walking into something that I hoped would be good.

It didn’t take very long for me to realize BioShock has taken a different form, and direction of sorts. The first glimpse of Columbia is a very need change, and it pulls it off really well. I rather enjoyed this floating city over the underwater tomb I once visited. I enjoyed it so much so, I spent probably the first hour and a half just looking around.

It didn’t end there though, I stopped to look at things many times. The old feel combined with a fresh feel of a floating America is nicely done. Yet, I got an eery feeling as I entered the city. You automatically get blasted with a religious cult feeling, which is astounding, simply for you don’t see it much.

This whole scenario, drives the story in a memorable direction, that was simply bliss to see played out. With these events, you also get to see what a toll it takes on the on Columbia. One of the more impressive things to see is how the city is beautiful on the outside, yet ugly on the inside. For the sake off not spoiling anything for people who haven’t played it, if any are left, I’m stopping on that note.

The gameplay is still fun to mess around with, the best feature being vigors. Having this power at your hand is enough of a driving force to destroy anyone in your path. As the first two games, vigors are essentially the same as plasmids. Infinite features some of the same ones coming in a different form, and some new.

The amount of weapons found in the game seems like a lot more than the others, although I could be wrong. I found myself not trying many of them, as I found two that fit my style early on. The others will have to wait for the second playthrough of the game. This area is essentially the same as the earlier games. You still get to purchase upgrades and whatnot, to what you enjoy using.

One of the more interesting things Infinite offers is the tag along friend you get. She will help find you money, and other resources. The reason I’m bringing this up though, is what they did right. You don’t have to protect her, I hated having to protect the little sisters, so much so I always harvest them.

I can honestly say that BioShock Infinite was a great surprise, and turned out to be a game I enjoyed a lot. I would highly recommend it, if you haven’t played it already. Which I’m guessing a lot of people already have. Then again, I may have enjoyed it much more than I should have. I usually find myself doing that when I have low expectations for a game.

Have you played it? If so whats your opinion of the game?


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I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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6 Responses to The beast that is BioShock Infinite

  1. vahrkalla says:

    Nice post, what did you think about Burial at Sea? I wrote an article about it earlier today, if you want to check it out.

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  2. Red Metal says:

    I really like Bioshock: Infinite because its storyline is very creative and thought-provoking (in the good sense). It was one of the best games from 2013. In fact, while I know it’s heresy, I actually like Bioshock: Infinite much more than I like System Shock 2.

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