Perilous Unknown (Chapter 1)

Ok, I promised it, and here is the first chapter. I wanted to again explain it again. I got the animation I’m slowly making progress on, and I’ve got a great story planned out for it. I had originally just planned to make a timeline of events to explore little things that lead up to The Voyage of Zart. But after some consideration, I thought it would be wonderful to create a story around those events, to flesh things out a bit.

That’s not the only thing, but for the learning experience as well. It has been a long time since I’ve wrote a story of sorts like this, I was in high school. It will be good to get the rust off and at least try. I hope you enjoy it, if you do great, I accomplished something. If not, I’m sorry, but give it a read.

Chapter 1: Your Life Awaits

A receptionist sat in a newly acquired building, looking at a young lady, who from the looks of it was geekish, shy, and a quite sad looking person. The phone then started ringing, pulling the receptionist from her gaze of the girl. She picked up the phone, “Yes, Mr. Thompson”. She paused for a second…. “Yes, Mr. Thompson” She replied again.

The receptionist put down the phone, and looked back over at this young girl. “Aria?” The receptionist asked. The young lady looked up from the floor at the woman behind the desk, but never once opened her mouth. “Hello” said the receptionist while waving her hand at the young girl. Yet the girl still gave no answer, this made the receptionist feel rather uncomfortable.

“If you are Aria, than Mr. Thompson wants you to go up to his office” said the receptionist. At once the young lady sprang up, and shot past the receptionist, without ever making eye contact with her. Aria hastily made here way to the elevator, and pressed the button to go up. Shortly after the door opened she walked in, pressing another button. As the doors slowly closed, she thought to herself “I wish this was a dream”, the doors opened and she was caught of guard.

“Hello Aria, it has been such a long time since I’ve seen you.” said a man. Aria looked at him, but only smiled awkwardly, but didn’t say anything. “Aren’t you going to give me a hug?; or even a hello?” said the man.
“Hello Mr. Thompson” replied Aria. Mr. Thompson let out a chuckle.
“Well is that it, your going to refer to your old grandfather as Mr. Thompson?” said Mr. Thompson. He looked at Aria, and noticed she was looking at the floor. He put his hand on her shoulder. “Unfortunately, under the circumstances it is rather unfortunate we meet this way. Your mother was my daughter, and I loved her very much” said Mr. Thompson. Before he could go on, Aria cut in.

“Is that love the reason you never came around?, it is rather unfortunate that my grandfather never came to see me, or even call” replied Aria. Mr. Thompson looked stunned, and seemed at a loss for words. He looked at Aria, and noticed she had a angry look on her face. “I’m going to go look around” said Aria. She just walked away, leaving her grandfather standing there.

At this point in her life, Aria didn’t have much feeling for anything, she had been through to much as it is. As she started to explore the building, she had no clue what her grandfather did for a living. At first she thought it was just some stupid corporate building, it couldn’t possibly be anything important. As she keep walking she noticed a room filled with little models.

She stopped and looked through the small glass built into the door, these models looked like ships of some sort. She grabbed the handle and opened the door, walking in, while ignoring the “Employee’s only sign’. As she walked in she took a good look around, little models of ships covered the room. Taking all of this in, she started thinking of stories her mom used to tell her when she was young.

“Impressive isn’t it” said Mr. Thompson; “By the way, my name is Dan, but I’m sure you already knew that; this is where we store our concepts of our ships.” said Dan.
“Ships?, what do you all make models for NASA?” asked Aria.
Dan grinned “Nope, NASA is a thing in the past, a bunch of washed up explorers, who surprisingly never made anything of their explorations. They never thought of the big picture, only small things, the moon, mars, reachable planets able to be seen by the eyes, if you will” replied Dan.

Aria started thinking, it came to her quick. “Are you telling me I’m in one of the buildings for Advance Galactic Space Travel?” Asked Aria
“Not only one of the buildings, but the headquarters for A.G.S.T., and I’m the creator” said Dan.
“You can’t be serious?, your the owner, tons of cash, yet you never once helped me and mom out” said Aria. Aria turned her back on him, she sat down in a chair beside her. Dan walked over beside her, and opened a case a model sat in.

“I’m not sure what all your mother said about me, but I wanted to help, I tried. She wouldn’t have anything to do with me.” said Dan.
“That isn’t true” replied Aria.
“Yes, sadly it is. My daughter lost all her feelings for me the day her mother divorced me. I had put my life into this business, I struggled to start it. No one said I’d be able to do it, yet I did, and the outcome has made my life a lonely one because of it.” said Dan

“I’m not so sure it has been a success, I’ve never heard of you exploring any planet. I’ve never even heard any news of any ships you own launching into space” said Aria. She looked up at her grandfather and wondered if it had been worth it, to lose everything for a business. She shook her head, and gave out a chuckle simply because it all seemed like madness.

“Well you’re in luck young lady, because soon, that dream becomes a reality. Follow me, I want to show you something special” said Dan. Aria got up and followed him, wondering if she could trust him, or if he was telling the truth. They walked out the room, and went down the hall to another elevator. This one needed a key to access it. As Dan pulled the key out, and the doors opened, he looked at Aria and smiled. They walked in, the doors shut, and the elevator started moving.

As they got to the bottom level, the doors opened to a huge room, filled with only one thing, but it was covered. “This my dear, is our first real ship, ready and waiting to blast off into space” said Dan.
“Well, are you going to at least pull the cover off? Or leave me wondering what it looks like?” asked Aria. Dan pulled off the cover, but nothing was there. Aria looked in amazement, at what she seen. “How in the world did you build a invisible ship?” asked Aria.

Dan let out a laugh. “Its not invisible, that cover is a distraction. We’ve had spies among us before, but they didn’t make it very far” said Dan.
“Like who?” asked Aria.
“NASA, has been the biggest threat, they’ve tried on several occasions. Others that have tried are: JAXA, ESA, ASI, and CNSA. All have failed in their attempts, security is important, that’s not to say they didn’t get little bits here and there” said Dan.
“Where is the ship then?” asked Aria

Dan clapped his hands, the floor started moving to reveal an underground hanger. Slowly a ship started coming up. Dan looked over at Aria, only to notice the look on her face revealed true excitement. This made him slightly happy, only for the thought of being able to hopefully mend a broken relationship with his granddaughter. As the ship had finally raised all the way up, Aria ran over to it. She started moving so quickly around it, it was hard to keep an eye on her.

“This is amazing” said Aria.
“We call her Mogathia, only one of its kind. The ship is a pure beauty.” said Dan
“When are you going to launch it? I can’t wait to see this thing take off, it shall be exciting” said Aria.
“That’s just it, we are ready, the government not so much. We keep pressing them on the matter, yet, they keep going on about being scared of the unknown” said Dan. He watched Aria, repeat the cycle of going around the ship looking at it. As she went, Aria kept one hand on the ship, rubbing it, and wanting to feel it.

“Come on, I’ve got something else to show you” said Dan. Aria walked over, and Dan clapped his hands again, the ship started its decent back into its hanger. “We can talk about this more later on, we have all the time in the world to to that.” said Dan. As the doors on the hanger closed, Dan picked up the cover, and threw it. It went back into place like no one ever touched it. As he turned, he heard clapping, he turned back around. Aria was standing there clapping here hands. “Aria, it isn’t going to work” said Dan. He couldn’t help but laugh “Come on” he said.

They both returned to the elevator, and made their way back up to the office region of the building.
“What are you going to show me now?” asked Aria. “After the ship, I can’t imagine what else you could have in store for me.” Dan didn’t say a word, but just keep walking. Aria on the other hand, was excited, she was trotting behind her grandfather trying to patiently wait. They came to a door, as they went in Aria noticed the sign (Dan Thompson; Proprietor).

“Well here is my little work space” said Dan,
“Little.. Really, this isn’t little at all, you’ve got the office the size of someones apartment.” Aria walked over the the window. “And check out this view, you can see all of Toronto, I’ll have to come check this out once it gets dark” said Aria
“I once enjoyed that view a lot, after many years I’ve seemed to have lost touch with everything. Its amazing, we are still living in the 21st century getting ready to hit the 22nd.. But nothing has changed, I’m 70 going on 71, and nothing has changed.” said Dan

Aria looked at her grandfather and noticed he looked disturbed. “What do you mean nothing has changed” asked Aria, Dan sat down and put his hands in his face, then looked up.
“I’ve always cared about history, science, technology, all of it. It was always the most important thing to me growing up. And you’ve realized that, by knowing I choose my career over my family. The problem is everything around us. Everyone wants to do this, or that, in reality no one seems to care anymore.” Dan sat back in his chair and gazed out the window, several minutes went by.

“I don’t really understand” said Aria
“Of course you don’t, you’ve still got a young mind. Take a look back at history, in the later parts of the 20th century going into the 21st, things such as technology was running rampant. Over time, things have slowed down. Nothing interesting is being done.” Dan grabs his phone. “Take this phone for instance, they started out huge and fat, really clunky. They keep developing them over time, they got smaller and looked better, able to do more things. Then a not so known company now, started making them bigger again, of course they could do more, but still a big mess.” Aria cut in.
“I’m not much for history, so if you could skip past the boring stuff, I’d appreciate it.” said Aria

Dan looked at Aria and smiled. “Maybe we should just skip this conversation, your still young, I don’t expect you to understand” said Dan.
“So what was the other thing you wanted to show me?” asked Aria. Dan stood up, and walked over to a counter. He turned around with a cake in his hand.
“Happy 18th Birthday Aria!” said Dan. Aria looked at him, and started to tear up, Dan put down the cake and walked over to Aria, and put his hand on her shoulder. “I know none of this makes up for the lost time, or the pain I put your grandmother and mom through. I can’t go back in time, but in the present time, I can say I’m sorry. And I can at least try and make up for it now” said Dan
Aria look at him and hugged her grandfather. “I guess we shall see” said Aria.
“Yes, we will. Its a new chapter in your life, you’ve turned into a young beautiful lady. Your life now awaits you to be explored” said Dan


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I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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    Seems a solid prologue. I can definitely see that going places.

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