Diving into Enchanted Arms

enchanted_arms_2Recently I’ve dove into another backlogged game, this time Enchanted Arms. Ever heard of it? I’m guessing many haven’t, or have forgotten about it. Enchanted Arms was made and published by From Software, and published by Ubisoft outside of Japan. The game has been out since 2006, and is said to be the first RPG on Xbox 360. Not sure if that last part is true, but at the current date it doesn’t matter.

I should point out the big reason to why this title has been setting on my shelf for years now. I had a friend who gave me the game because he said “It sucks”, free game haha. But I’d honestly heard so many bad things about the game, so it just set there. Wanting a new JRPG that was turn based, Enchanted Arms looked like a good choice.

Booting up the game, you get meet with a nice little scene, that immediately puts you into combat. Along with this you can tell the age of the game, this however isn’t a big deal. The combat on the other hand is one of the shining parts, which turns out to be a lot of fun.

Combat basically follows the general rules of any RPG as you got all your potions, each character has some type of class (Water, Fire, Wind, Earth), and so on. We’ve all seen it before, nothing new to discuss in that department. The big thing is fighting on a grid, think chess or checkers, something along those lines. This makes for fun, you have to move your characters around, according to the types of attacks they have.

This also brings a somewhat strategic mindset, because I learned one little mistake could mean your end. It was little things like this, that made every boss, and random encounter fun. Surprisingly the 50 hours I put into it, it never got boring once. It may not seem like much, but put in only being able to carry 9 items of each potion, and it makes it even better.

I tend to go through these games only managing to get by, so I try not to grind if I can help it. Its just a challenge I set for myself, and it usually catches up in the end, as it did here. The last boss has several forms, making it one of the longest fights I’ve fought over my years of gaming lol.

The story is why I got into RPG’s in the first place, I got a tinder heart for a good story. Enchanted Arms in short does a good job, or an attempt to put together a good story. The problem here is it felt half done at times. Nothing emotional came of it, which is truly sad, it had all the potential to do so.

The characters fit into the same category, and again its sad to see this. I ended up liking them all in the end, but a lot of what I’ve read from other players not liking it is from the characters. Three stick out to me, Atsuma, who is portrayed as being dumb through-out the whole game. It’s actually not his fault, its the developers. You’d get a nice little dialog scene here and there. Atsuma to climb a latter, walk over and press (A) in front of it. Atsuma to swim, walk over to the water and press (A) to swim. Little things like this was unnecessary.

Second is Makoto, who from the looks of it gets the most hate. This is mainly due to him being gay, or as in the instruction manual, he is flamboyant transvestite. I haven’t got a problem with this at all. My problem lies with who ever came up with him, taking him over the top, way over the top. It makes me feel like the developers fell into the stereotype, and didn’t know what else to do.

Lastly is Yuki, she is so annoying most of the time. I’ve always heard people throw in Tidus and Rikku from FFX as being bad characters, mainly because they’re annoying. Yuki is both of them put together x10. She has some good moments though, and in the end I like her. But she could do without most of the dialog she was given.

The thing that is bad for all characters is the story given them. Not much information is given about them, only a little back story here and there. It would have been easy to go a little deeper with each character, but for some reason they decided not too.

Another great thing is Golems, you can find these all over the world. Fight them and win, they become part of the group to use if you wish too. The shear amount of Golems is astounding. I’m not exactly sure how many there are, but I found around 60 myself. Some of these are really powerful though, making most fights seem overly easy.

For a game that came out so long ago, Enchanted Arms brought some really fun moments for me. I wish that I wouldn’t have waited so long to play it, because it was worth the amount of time I put into it. Its defiantly got a lot of little quirks that bother me, but in the end it seemed to not matter much.

Its great for a one time play, other than that its a toss up in the air. Potential is here for the game, so too bad we’ve never seen a sequel for it. Have you ever played Enchanted Arms? If so, what did you think of it?


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I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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5 Responses to Diving into Enchanted Arms

  1. Riley says:

    sounds interesting ive never heard of this title but if I happen to come across it ill be sure to check it out! Did you ever play Azure Dreams for ps1? Im about to post a review on it tomorrow. It is a nice RPG with a very similar sounding combat model.

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  2. The Laughable Cheese says:

    Huh, I really like the picture that you posted of the game, it is really graphically appealing. I have never heard of it but it sounds fun and now I am wondering about it. Also Enchanted Arm is a cool name also.

    Liked by 1 person

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