Living the Assassin life


(May contain spoilers)

Assassin’s Creed 3 came out originally in 2012, I got it day one. The title fell short for me, and I threw the game on the shelf, until a week ago. This series is another one that has slowly lost its grip at holding my attention. In reality, it has great potential, far beyond what Ubisoft has given us yet.

Starting the game over, I tried to forget what I remembered of it. Something that I couldn’t put a finger one, made me get bored. It didn’t take long though to remember, the sucky lets become a pirate for a moment. I can’t really stress enough about these segments, that seem to frustrate me, leaving me with “What are they thinking”. This could be me though, I’m not sure how other feel about this, but it helps as it doesn’t play a big part here.

It is in other games, and I honestly can’t remember which ones. I will say it is the main reason Black Flag is collecting dust as well. And the sad part is, I’m about done with that game.

Anyway, what I love about the series is the history. Taking historical events, and mashing it together with historical fiction. More games could do this, as it can be done right. As God of War has shown the potential in other matters. AC3 puts you into the 18th century to explore the American Frontier, New York, and Boston.

Along this adventure you will meet historical figures such as: George Washington, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Pitcairn, and Charles Lee, amongst others. This has always been the biggest treat for me, to simply see people like this brought to life, and getting to interact with them in the world.

AC3 originally puts you in the shoes of Haytham Kenway, who starts the game out pretty well. To surprisingly pulling a switch on you. Haytham gets all romantic, has a kid, then follows the dark side, if you wish to call it that. You find yourself in the shoes of his son, Connor, who is part Native American. I enjoyed seeing this at first, because I thought the devs would dive into that part of history involving Indians. To my disappointment though, it isn’t there in the main story much.

I got to admit, the whole story here didn’t interest me all the much. Even finishing the game a few days ago, it has pretty much become a memory blur. The real memorable part is with Desmond, finally coming to a conclusion. Or so I thought, we as fans of the series have experienced a lot with this young man. Only to come to a road block to have two choices put in front of us.

With this choice, it feels rather unfinished, and leaves me with a “Whats this?, I need more” kind of feeling. I was hoping at some point they’d bring the game up to a who present time setting with Desmond. Bringing back in what I’ve learned from Black Flag, it still doesn’t set the stage for anything important.

Everything else in the game is pretty much the same. Gameplay is still nice and smooth, with it being so much fun to just run around and climb buildings, or trees. Same type of missions as the past games. Just pretty much the same thing we have known from the start.

I came for the story, and that’s what I played. I didn’t touch the multiplayer, and I never could get into them in the games. It really would surprise me if you could even find anyone in the servers.

At the end of the day, it was a good game. I leave with Assassin’s Creed 2 still being my favorite. Have you played it? If so what did you think of it?


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6 Responses to Living the Assassin life

  1. Red Metal says:

    The only Assassin’s Creed game I’ve played is Black Flag. I thought the story in the actual simulation was interesting, but I never found the point of the present day sections. I thought it was going to build to something, but it kind of just petered out in the end. That said, I thought the actual game was solid and is worth at least one playthrough. As for the other games, it seems like fans consider the second Assassin’s Creed to be the best in the series. It seems like Ubisoft has been trying to make mostly sandbox games as of late. Personally, I’d say my favorite sandbox game from them was Far Cry 3.

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    • I need to finish Black Flag soon. The present day parts, are split up in each game, which drives me crazy.

      In each one they end like that not amounting to much. Even 3, which should have been more than what they gave us. It doesn’t seem very well planned and executed on their part.

      I can’t complain much about their games, they have given me many memories. I will also agree with Far Cry 3 being great. That is also my favorite in that series.

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      • Red Metal says:

        The present day sections are also much shorter so when I return to them, I end up completely forgetting what happened last time. Considering that it’s a video game anyway, one has to wonder what the point of making it a simulation within a simulation is. I suppose it’s possible that there will be some big payoff in a future installment, but that’s a risky gambit. If just one of those games ends up being horrible, it would ensure that savvy players wouldn’t experience whatever advancement took place in that game (or if it’s bad enough, bring the series to a screeching halt before the payoff could happen), and considering the fans’ reaction to Unity…

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      • This will have spoilers, but just in case you never plan on playing the games lol.

        Well if I remember correctly, present day is still a fight between the assassins and the Templar’s. The first game, puts Desmond in a facility with him being studied by them, with out knowing everything.

        It progresses, but in AC3 he is given two choices. Die and save the world, or live and become a false god. He picks to die and save the world.

        Forward to Black Flag, he is now dead. But it doesn’t seem to change anything. So it feels as everything was a waste. Desmond was put into the simulations to find out secrets of the past, to originally help the Templar’s.

        It all as a whole is a great idea to me. But in reality, it feels rushed and not complete. I haven’t played Unity, but I’ve read the reactions.

        I’ll also add that Ubisoft making this series a yearly thing doesn’t help matters much.

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  2. I’ve also had these games for a long time, and it takes me forever to play through them even though I enjoy the story.

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