Is it ever too late?

First, a big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on the last blog. I ended up getting a lot more input than I thought I would. It means a lot though, and I enjoyed reading every bit that you all shared with me.

too-lateIs it ever too late when trying for your dreams? I ask this simple for one reason. I work with a lot of people, both old and young adults. I fall into the young group at 25 years old. Working with all these people for 8 hours a day comes with a lot of conversation. This includes what people wanted to do, or want to for some.

Yet, in every conversation is a lot of excuses and negativity. Some that is rather funny to hear, and others are just astounding at what little can stop a person to achieve or try to go for something. We’ve all heard them, some of us have probably used them at some point. I know I did all through school.

On the other side of thing though each and every person don’t have to look far for some motivation and inspiration. You can find many success stories out there in the world of someone making it. At least trying, which a lot of people never did, except for only drawing up an idea in their head.

When I wanted to get my GED, I went to classes, mainly to brush up on my Math. I dropped out before I even got to some of the advanced stuff that I’d have to take on the test. While going to these classes, I’d notice people come and go, very few actually getting their GED.

All of these people young around my age, most only stayed one or two classes. A few only took them because they were court ordered. I did however notice one woman, who was older. She was there every night that I was, she had been going a few weeks before I started even.

Getting a chance to talk to her, I had to ask her age. Yea, I know us guys aren’t suppose to ask that question, but I did. Turns out she was 66 going on 67 in a few months. She also said she didn’t have a reason to get it, and would probably never need it. She just want to prove to herself that she could accomplish such a feat at her age.

In the end she got what she set out to do. This is just one example of someone who had enough motivation to get what they wanted. I can see how to some a GED may not be a big accomplishment. It may not even be worthy reading about, to me though it is. A big lesson is there, only if you chose to see it and acknowledge it. If not, well you’re most likely one of those that inspired me to write this blog lol.

Is it ever too late though? In my mind only if you are dead.


About crazysnake513

I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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11 Responses to Is it ever too late?

  1. Greg Long says:

    I’m 50 and only really started chasing my dream in 2013 โ˜บ

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  2. 25 is very young ๐Ÿ™‚ And I agree, it’s never ‘too late’ unless we are dead. I’ve been in (continue to be in) a similar situation, where just about everyone around me has given up on their dreams for one reason or another. And it seems like a ‘group mentality’ where they seem to revel in each others’ misery. There is a lot of negativity too. I started photography “later” than a lot of professional photographers, and many people tried to dissuade me from it. I’m glad I didn’t listen to their advice ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy your writing very much, hope you keep it up!

    Best wishes,

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    • Thank you! I am glad you enjoy my post.

      I also see a lot of people trying to dissuade others from following their passion. It really is sad to see, as I’d like to see everyone make their dream become reality. Hopefully this accepted mindset will change with most people in the near future.

      I enjoy your photography as well. You always share beautiful photos that are amazingly wonderful to look at.


  3. earth2bella says:

    Agreed. Only when you’re dead. (;

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  4. My dreams have to be postponed for now and for a little bit longer, so it’s reassuring to think that it won’t be too late by the time I can start following them.

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    • Never, and I mean never is it too late. I believe the only thing that can hold you back is yourself and only that.

      Things may come around that postpone it, or take you a few steps back. In the end though each person makes up their mind to give up, no one else can do that for you.

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  5. vahrkalla says:

    The phrase ‘is it ever too late?’ is a phrase which considers ‘too late’ to be a position where you are physically or mentally unable to achieve something which you could have previously otherwise achieved. Either that, or ‘too late’ is a stage in which to begin trying to achieve your goals would end up seeing your goal never coming to fruition, or a stage in which you’re old enough that you wouldn’t have time after achieving your goals to relish and be happy about them.

    Choosing to give up your goals for any of those reasons is always the option most inconsiderate of yourself. Anyone who has achieved them early in life, anyone who has ample time to relish them too, they are all just as perishable as you are. I think a lot of people forget that life is so fragile to anyone and everyone. You really have to take these chances as if they were the last time they would ever be offered, and the person giving you these chances to have your dreams is always yourself.

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    • Nicely said, that response is a nice read.

      I basically look at it like this. I could die a minute from now, a week, month, or when I’m 90. This goes for everyone else, and yet no one wants to acknowledge that. As it seems most people think they are going to die old.

      This in turn when they are older realize they might not have long to live. Making that dream impossible in their eyes. Then again they could possibly still live that, as they could still have time.

      That’s why I said it’s never too late until I’m dead. But for most I think it’s just a good excuse to use.

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  6. Aether says:

    I never understood why people thought this way. What the hell does age have to do with a person’s skills, talents, and capabilities? When you get older, do you hit a point where you’re magically barred from doing certain things? A person’s age is almost meaningless compared to all the other facets and features that make up a being.

    Never stop growing. Never stop learning. Never stop expanding your skillset and doing new things. Never stop reaching out of your comfort zone. Never stop doing fun things because “you’re too old for it”. Hang out with the people you like, regardless of the age gap. And never get it in your head that you need to step out of the way for the younger generation. Age almost never matters. General society may try to say differently, but eh, they’re a bunch of fools anyway.

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    • Nicely said! And yea, I don’t understand why people want to use it as an excuse, along with other things. I guess it is after all a viable excuse in their eyes, as society puts things like that in their head.

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