Making the leap to next gen

When the Xbox 360, Ps3, and Nintendo Wii I like anyone else had to make a decision. Which to choose? A lot of people pick something for a slew of reasons. It could be the graphics, the company, exclusives, or what features come with this one or that one. I ultimately choose a PS3 first for no other than Metal Gear Solid. Only to have a long wait for it to drop on the system.

In the end I ended up with a 360, and Wii to go along with the PS3. I ended up selling the Wii about a year after I got it, as it was nothing more than a dust collector. The 360 and PS3 found a lot of use though. I’ve seen some of my favorite series get better at least in my eyes lol. Along with new series such as, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Uncharted, among others. Which have brought new characters and worlds, in which can really make a person fall in love with. That after all is what makes gaming great as a form of entertainment.

The new gen consoles have been out for at least a year now. I figured it was time to pick one up. I again had to make that choice. Which one? It can be a hard thing to do, at least for me. My free time is getting smaller by the day, as I’m sure you all the follow me have seen in the past few months. And, I’m really sorry for that.

I was thinking about the PS4, and Xbox One, and my decision really goes to exclusives. That’s the whole point to me, I don’t care about how the console looks, or how big it is. Graphics isn’t a big concern to me, if it was I’d stick with PC for gaming. I don’t care about the social aspects, or media, because my PC does all that. I don’t really want something that does all that, because again I have a PC. I mainly want my console to play games, that’s about it, really if it was my choice that’s the only thing it’d do.

The reason I bought my PS3 was Metal Gear Solid and that alone. The 360 was because of Halo. Seeing as Metal Gear Solid V is going on everything, I ended up getting a Xbox One. Seeing as both are going to release later this year, I’ll have both, and want have to worry about having both consoles. Not saying I want end up with a PS4 at some point though, Sony has some great exclusives that are hard hitters.

As for making the switch to current gen, I think it was the right time and a good choice. Seeing as all kinds of great stuff has come out of E3 in the last couple of days. This year is already looking good.

As for the console, it came with The Master Chief Collection. Nothing really new to be said here, as its all old content. Still nice to have though, it will keep me busy with some of my die hard Halo friends. I also wanted to pick up another game, and it ended up being Shadow of Mordor. I was deciding between that, The Witcher 3, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve been wanting a good LoTR game, so Shadow of Mordor was the winner.

I’ve only got to put a few hours into it, but have thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve played so far.


As for anything else, its been really slow for me. The blog is lacking bad, and I hope to turn that around.

I’ve been trying to put most of my free time into fine tuning my skills with the animation. Slowly learning and grinding my way to getting better at things that need work bad. Its such a slow process that its a little painful at times.

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Destiny Explored (Part 3)

destinyI’m thinking it has been around 5 months or so since I last talked about Destiny. When the Dark Below DLC released. Recently on the 19th, The House of Wolves DLC dropped. With the little free time I find now, it has been going between that, and ideas and learning to work better with this animation.

The previous DLC The Dark Below, to me felt underwhelming, and ended up being nothing more than what should have been in the game to start with. With that, I was really hoping The House of Wolves would be better. In short, I do believe I got a lot of what I wanted out of it.

We got 5 new story missions, and I wished it would have been more. The first play through was actually a lot of fun. This brought that freshness I had been hoping for, that The Dark Below couldn’t deliver. Expanding more on the story of sorts, or better yet the universe as a whole, and the enemy faction within it.

A new strike, which also beat out the last one we got. Last time Playstation got a timed exclusive strike, but I don’t think they did this time.

Some new multiplayer maps, which I’ve still yet to touch a lot of it. What I have played isn’t bad, and I enjoyed it for the most part. But, the only reason I did try it was to complete a few exotic bounties, that made me go into it lol.

The Trials of Osiris, which is a mp event, I personally haven’t played it yet, as it is only available each week for a certain time. With me usually working those days, I’m not sure when I’ll get to try it.

The big one here for me at least is Prison of Elders. A simple way to think about this is horde mode from Gears of War, or Firefight from Halo. That’s what it brought to my mind when I first went through it.

Each game consist of 5 rounds, of 3 waves to finish a round, except for the fifth round, this features a boss. Rounds can consist of killing all foes, to adding in secondary objectives, that are time sensitive to complete, or death occurs. And also adding in modifiers, which can help the player, or make it harder on you.

Complete all rounds, and you get rewarded.

Destiny as a whole still gets a lot of hate by certain people, and really, it is easy to see why. No game is perfect though, I still haven’t played a game that at some part I didn’t enjoy. I will say though, Destiny has done a good job at taking hours away from me. More than is should have in the first place.

Then again, that is what makes video games so great to play right? For me at least, that’s why it is my favorite type of media. Another thing to add, if your looking to getting into the game, with all its content, now is the best time to do so. You want have that long wait like the rest of us have.

Now, talk has been that more content is planned for the future. I usually don’t go on rumors, that haven’t been confirmed. But, if it is true then you’ll see me talk about Destiny again. If not, well, this will probably be my last post, as the game isn’t throwing nothing new. And, we all don’t want to hear the same thing rambling on do we?

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Throwback Gems: Def Jam: Fight for NY


The Def Jam series has seen three releases over the years. For me personally, Fight for NY was my favorite one. This game has in the past wasted many of hours for me. Fight for NY is not a game for everyone. First, you need to like a fighting game, second you will need to like rap & hip hop.

AKI Corporation now known as Syn Sophia has never been known as a big developer. They have created nice little games like WWF No Mercy, and other good wrestling games in the 90s. Yet, over the years, this particular Def Jam has stuck out to me.

Being released in 2004, I was still in my young teenage years. This was a time in my life, that rap was big to me. It was really the only thing I listened to at the time. Fight for NY is driven by this industry. The game features characters such as: Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Ludacris, Xzibit, Busta Rhymes, and others.

I’ve never been big on fighting games, as I’m not that good at them. You know that button masher? Yep, that is me lol. For me, what made the game fun was being able to use environments or the surrounding crowd, to do damage. It gave the game that hardcore wrestling feel.

Adding in creating your own character, and being able to customize them to the look of a rapper. Again though, nothing special is to be seen here, the game isn’t a must play. The story isn’t nothing special. If you like people like Snoop Dogg, then its interesting to see them put into the game, into a story created, just for this.

Comparing the game to any other fighting game, you will likely pick the other over this. This is of course a big factor into why the series never did take off. That, and the fact, it isn’t going to appeal to a big crowd. Even a hardcore fighting or brawler fan will turn away if they hate rap or hip hop music.

If that hasn’t turned you away already, then it would be well worth it venturing into the story at least once. Waiting after, you can play up to four players in a verses mode. Adding to extra tournaments, that will reward you with in game items, if you complete them.

Def Jam: Fight for NY is still a game I can set down and play when I get the urge too. It isn’t for everyone, but the ones it is for, you can find some nice enjoyment out of the game. This leads it to being a nice little gem looking back on it.

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The Lone Wolf in Multiplayer


In my post The competitive multiplayer black hole, I talked about how I got sucked into the world of being competitive. I went from wanting to learn, getting a good grasp on it, then my interest waned. It has been that way for awhile, everything changes once you stop being apart of a team, clan, group, or whatever you may call it.

Going into a game with randomly selected players can be just as much fun. You find that over time you meet a lot of new people, from around the world. This leads to creating new online friendships, that again leads to good times. This world, just like the real world has its fair share of problems. You’ll get cussed out, yelled at, you hear racist things, sexist things. You know your regular I can do it, simply because I ain’t in front of you type of people.

This in itself leads to, for me at least, a lot of funny situations. I can’t help but laugh at some of the things I hear, and for that, thank you. Besides this, being a random amongst randoms tends to bring a lot of other things up. Some can be frustrating, and could simply be eliminated being in a group, others are random silly things.

When you get into a game, you tend to put a lot of time into it. This chunk of time gives you the chance to see a lot of people. The biggest one is ultimately running into a group who are friends, which leads to you getting dominated the whole game. This also shows how people dislike losing, you’re sure to lose about your whole team within a minute or two.

Quitting is a big one, a lot of people back out for many reasons, we all have done it. I understand it, but in certain games, like the older Halo games, it can get frustrating. When you find yourself in a 2 vs 4, or even a 1 vs 4 situation, it can be maddening. Adding to this, you may find one or more of your team is afk. Being away from your keyboard or controller is simply annoying, especially if it goes the whole match.

These few things are enough for most randoms to quit, and keep searching until they find a good match they like. Like I said this could all be avoided with a team of players you know. Even then the tables get turned on them, finding others teams can be hard at times. So they end up with randoms, and the other team backs out, or they get a easy match.

The biggest problem for me is trying to find a good objective match. I’ve always enjoyed it, and still do. I often find matches that everyone just wants to kill, to try and get their k/d ratio up. This leads to the game going until the timer stops, and not much fun. Until you figure out clever ways of getting the objective, and fooling the other players.

You often have your trolls, that will just run around the map not trying. Killing their self, or if permitted killing their own team members. With the rise of Youtube, and how easy it is to record gameplay, its gotten worse. I can’t complain much though, I watch those videos all the time and get a good laugh from them.

The lone wolf of multiplayer is a special breed, that can bring about many situations. Some funny, and others frustrating. All in all though, it keeps things interesting at times. Along with getting to simply see how each person can be good or bad, and showing how each person has a different play style. Which is nice, it shows gaming brings a persons unique personality to a virtual world, that most other medias can’t do.

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Rise up


So I was going to write a piece about gaming, but last night another topic came to mind. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had someone very close to me drive themselves in a dark hole. A hole filled with so much darkness, they have drove themselves mad. The sad thing is this person is the same age as me, we happened to only be born three days apart from each other.

Naturally, we are close, real close, at least we used to be. They have jumped onto a broken path, filled with destruction. So much, that family doesn’t seem to matter, not even the ones closest such as parents, and children. So what do you do? You try to talk sense into them, only for their stubborn side to show.

You get pathetic excuses: “You have no idea what I’m going through”. “You don’t care”. “You hate me”. “I’d be better off dead”. What does that sound like? A teenager to me, this person just turned 25 by the way.

I honestly take a step back and remove myself from the world everyday. For the simple reason of looking at everything that goes on. Murders, physical and psychological abuse, rape, we could keep going, you get the idea. The issues that people surround themselves with, or want to, makes no sense to me.

I’ve always been a person who has been laid back, jolly, just being a naturally happy person. My patience is extremely high, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I got angry or sad over something. This has sadly brought the title of being cold hearted, or even ruthless, given to me by my family. They joke about it, I laugh about it. Does it bother me? Nope. But, it does bother them.

The thing is, I see no need for feeling sorry for most people. If your a war vet, you got physically wounded, yes I’ll show compassion. That goes with a lot of other cases just like that.

I am a type of person who goes to a funeral and jokes around, laughing about the good times I had with that person. Shedding tears isn’t something I commonly do, even in the most severe cases. Does this make me a cold person? It might, I simply do not know.

I will tell you my mindset has keep me carefree, stress free, and full of joy. I heard something when I was real young:

(Do not fret over things you simply can’t control).

I can’t remember where I heard it, or who said it. I will say it has been one of the best pieces of advice ever given to me. It has brought me out of the darkness that tries to surround me every so often.

People often get caught up in life, this little bit of drama takes hold. It grasps you with a trembling squeeze, and sucks every inch of life out of you. Only to drop you into a prison created in your own mind. Confining you to a life of sorrow, anger, and all types of volatile emotions.

It doesn’t take long to see this, only if you stop yourself to look around. I don’t think a lot of people understand what life really is. It comes down to each of us finding what really works. I call most people walking around a modern day zombie, yes a zombie.

Believe it or not, if you aren’t willing to actually try and live. You’ve already died, and may as well be a zombie. But in actuality you have no need to worry, because a little ball of light, always resides in darkness.


Don’t lose hope for anything, whether that be a dream, or a wish. The truth is it can happen, and will, only if your willing to work for it. Human nature it seems, has accepted everything must comes easy. Everyone ignores the truth, we work on destroying lives for others, we look for some kind of hack or easy way out of things.

Rise up and stop being stubborn, stop doing things out of impulsive nature. It can’t be that hard to stop and think about what you are doing, or what your actions could do to others. I can’t feel sorry for someone or a group of people who have thought their way into a depression. Nor can I say the same if you want to set on your pitty potty all day and cry.

Show people how great you are, try to better yourself in any way possible. This could be to look at things different. Encourage others around you to do something productive. Learn to draw, paint, sing, or even smiling at every person who walks by on the street. Too many people try and knock others down, when you should always be trying to lend a hand to someone.

Stay positive and stray from negativity, even if its certain family members. Don’t hide or run from failure, embrace it. Even if you get made fun of for doing it. Doing that only leads to you succeeding at what you are trying to do. It may take a year or ten to accomplish it, but I bet it will be worth it.

The greatest thing given to us is our brain. Use it, you should drool and go crazy for knowledge, not a piece of paper, or materialistic things. Its crazy to think about how many people have been killed over things such as money. Its also crazy to think about how people get swayed from doing something, because their peers look down upon it. I used to be that idiot, who made fun of the smart kids. Only to look back and envy them, because I wish I had realized the importance of it. Don’t be that type of person.

Life is really short, even if you live to 100, its still too short. I want my short span of life to be great, and so should you. We have no need to waste it on things such as alcohol, or drugs, or being violent. It really isn’t worth it is it? Is it important to go out and party on the weekends? Is that really what you as a thriving, intelligent human being value? Treat yourself with something that is actually rewarding. Try and wrap your mind around that, and just give it a little bit of thought.

I’m simply a blogger who enjoys video games and animation. I’m sure this want change anyone, but I felt its need to be said. The sad part is, the few who actually read it, will end up forgetting every word five minutes later. Then go back to doing everything I’ve spoken about, if your that type of person. If not, then we need more of you in the world.

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The competitive multiplayer black hole


Multiplayer in video games have come a long way. At some point if you’ve ever been into games, you’ve probably found yourself apart of it. That could have been playing on the old days of playing on the same TV with GoldenEye on N64. Or playing co-op in games like Gears of War, or Halo. Or playing the multiplayer in those games, to things like MMOs or even Muds.

It comes in all kinds of varieties, with just about every form of game. It has come along way though since I was a little kid. I remember playing the original Mario on NES, and taking turns with my cousins when we died. But over the last decade it has blown up, so much that some games reveal their multiplayer first. Everyone seems to love it, or has at one point.


Several things make it great for me, and has since I first started it. I enjoy playing with people all around the world. I enjoy how hours can pass and you not really notice it. This is something that has the potential to draw a person out of the world and put them in another with people from all races and backgrounds.

That also at times brings in problems, you have the racist people, the sexist, the trolls, and every walk of life. Since I myself haven’t ran into much of that, except for the usual cussing messages I receive over beating someone. I don’t want to focus on that, instead I want to shed light on the better side or multiple sides.

When I first started getting into mulitplayer, I was the noob, that everyone starts out as. I had played games for years, but still couldn’t handle this world I had walked into. What a world it truly was, I got schooled for awhile until I got tired of it. This got me wondering what I was doing wrong.

Talking with others online, and taking in tips I could find on all my favorite forums. I started to learn certain strategies. I had to try certain things, to see if this would work or if it wouldn’t. Over time, I developed my own style to play, and it ended up working out for the best.

This lead me to become more aware of the things I was doing. The people at the top was what I wanted to become. I often wondered how they would run a whole game going positive, without many deaths. This brought along a nature of being competitive, and finding a side of me I never had much.

At one point, I started playing competitively, I linked up with a team. Then later found myself in a clan, and went through several over the years. Every day I’d start my system up only to grind, to try and better myself. I did, so much it got to a point where I’d win most matches. This game with ridiculous win/loss ratios, and kill/death ratios, that everyone seems to be searching for.

I had made it to that spot, then found out I didn’t want it. Lol, this wasn’t the gaming life I wanted. I had stopped playing the single player in most games, but most importantly I was killing the form of entertainment I loved. Besides, how many have the actual potential to make it in competitive gaming? This again was in the earlier days of MLG, and it looked even slimmer back then.

I ultimately fell out of clans, even teams, or being a try hard as used to get called. This turned me into a random player amongst other random players for the most part. I wasn’t one of those who bragged, or acted like a scumbag. I’ve always liked the chill side of things, have a good game and try your best. That still didn’t save me from entering the black hole of the competitive scene.

I’m going to cut this one right here, as it went in a different direction than I started it as. I will be posting another blog on my experiences of being a random though. In the meantime, you can let me know of your experiences of multiplayer. Have you ever been a competitive player? Ever gotten yourself into the spot I was in? Share your stories.

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That old Silent Hill


A lot of Silent Hill fans out there? I remember playing the first Silent Hill, and falling in love with it. The same thing happened with the second and third release, all three first games are some of my favorite horror games.

Over the course since that time we players still have certain moments that have stuck with us. Each fan has their favorite game in the series, along with enemies. Silent Hill for me was the only other horror series, that could rival Resident Evil in a good way.

I enjoyed the monsters, and the meanings behind everything. The iconic Pyramid Head, who has become the series mascot basically. To seeing all the different aspects of Silent Hill, which has been great over all these years.

Looking back now, its interesting to see two series (Resident Evil & Silent Hill) that rise to become a powerhouse in horror, but slowly wither down, and fade into nothing important anymore. Thus only true fans hold onto something like this, the ones who are considered the hardcore fans, or dedicated, what ever you want to call them. We see this all the time, Duke Nukem, Half Life, Doom. People enjoy something they tend to hold onto it.

This brings Silent Hills into the picture, the Silent Hill to be worked on by the minds of Hideo Kojima, and Guillermo del Toro, which also featured Norman Reedus. You know that Walking Dead star that has been in several dozen films, yet you can’t name any of them lol.

The true sad fact is, a lot of people including me, got hyped up over nothing. A playable demo, that was said to be nothing like the game would have been. But lets face it, the series has progressively went down hill since SH4: The Room. But we will never know now will we? I’m sure we will see another Silent Hill in the future, just not by this hyped team everyone loves.

The hope though is and was the great thing about this. Only to tease fans for a little bit, it would be like Gabe Newell announcing Half Life 3, only to cancel it a minuteĀ  later. This is life though, and shows how the industry can be. It also proves a game is never a guaranteed thing until it actually hits the store shelf’s.

Have you ever had this happen to a game you was looking forward to? I know I’ve seen it happen on several occasions over the years.

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