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Is it ever too late?

First, a big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on the last blog. I ended up getting a lot more input than I thought I would. It means a lot though, and I enjoyed reading every bit that … Continue reading

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What makes a story for you?

Asking someone what makes a story for them can obviously come with many answers. This like so many other things comes down to one thing. Our great nature as humans to have this ability. An ability to great, that it … Continue reading

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Perilous Unknown (Chapter 1)

Ok, I promised it, and here is the first chapter. I wanted to again explain it again. I got the animation I’m slowly making progress on, and I’ve got a great story planned out for it. I had originally just … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award

Another award? Yep from LMG Comics if you haven’t checked out their blog, do so. Who doesn’t want to see some boobs in a comic anyway? Lol, that may be out of line, just go for it. A little update … Continue reading

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Find Your Inspiration

A lot of things people end up doing creatively, had been the result of some form of inspiration. The great thing is where this comes from, it can come from multiple things. Mine stem from. people such as Hideo Kojima … Continue reading

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Imagination Is Dead

The title is obviously not true, but for a good amount of the general population it can be. Have you ever been told. Why would you want to do something like writing, art, music, drawing, poetry, video games, animation, film, … Continue reading

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