Building an Inquisition

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20150207140305

It has been several weeks since my last post, in that time I have been MIA. For that I’m sorry, but not sorry. My excuses was building up an Inquisition, and what a wonderful experience it was.

Dragon Age: Inquisition started a rocky relationship with me. I started this game over several times as a Human, Elf, Dwarf, trying to play as a Rouge, Mage, and Warrior. In the end though I ended up as a Qunari Warrior, mainly with a sword and shield.

This is the first time we are given the chance to play as a Qunari, and seeing how I was really fascinated with them in Dragon Age 2, this is what I went with. This is also a big change for me, as I played as a human in Origins, and your basically forced to play as a human in the second one.

Upon first starting off, you are greeted with a short cut scene which then throws you into customizing your character. This is a feature that is welcome, and nice to see again. This doesn’t end here though, as it goes throughout the game with armor, and weapons, even down to your companions.

I also noticed while playing, I wanted to instantly compare this game to Origins. This included everything I first saw, down to the very end. If you loved Origins, I’d generously advise you to avoid doing this. I think it ruins the experience a bit, or at least hampers things.

Not that Inquisition is a bad game, or worse than Origins. I’ve talked to a lot of people who enjoy this one the most out the series. This though, can be said about ever series, and is a given to anyone who has played games for awhile.

Another thing is previous saves or story decisions in past games, if you played them.

Dragon Age Keep

Is a site designed for you to set up your decisions in past games. I found that since I had a account my decisions where already loaded into the system. But I had to export everything to get it into the game.

When I first started Inquisition, I was excited to get things going. I missed this, or skipped over it. Basically I never went to this site until I was basically done with the game. I’ve heard everything from it doesn’t do much, to it doesn’t matter, to its a nice addition. At certain points in the game though, I can see where this would change things. So I’d do it just to be safe, my second play through will have it.

The story basically puts you in a world that has a breach in the sky, in which demons and spirits from the fade are coming out. You and a party need to stop it, you know to save the world. Only to discover a bigger problem that you need to take care of. The story is much more interesting than this, but I’m not sure what to say, since the game is still fairly new. People still haven’t played the game, and many players are still on last gen.

Simply put, this can be said about the whole game, its massive, and brought back so many memories I had with both Origins and DA2. Which is why I wanted to compare it, more so to Origins than anything.

What Inquisition does that neither the first two did was hooking me fully in. I never pay much attention to side quest, or never go out of my way to explore. This time I did, every little hidden spot I could find I was there. Going into the world finding certain materials to create this or that, I was simply doing that.

This also may be the lack of RPGs that I like on the market as well. I have both this and The Witcher 3, Inquisition was the first pick. And really seeing how I want to do another play of this, with even more time put into it, I will at some point. But then again The Witcher sets here looking at me, only for me to look away. Why? Well, I don’t want to rush through it, as Big Boss is slowly making his way to the market.

Too much, and not enough time. I will at some point give my full thoughts on Dragon Age: Inquisition, with the DLC included. By that time more people should have played, and I will give spoilers for all, or at least to the ones who want to read it lol.


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6 Responses to Building an Inquisition

  1. Red Metal says:

    Good to have you back. It will be interesting to see your full thoughts of the game. Apparently, quite a large number of people believe that it’s the best game in the series.

    A lot of people are still on the last generation likely because they haven’t been given that much incentive to make the leap. In hindsight, that lack of backwards compatibility may have been a bad idea, wouldn’t you say?


    • Thank you!

      I was actually going to give my thoughts here. But I enjoyed the game so much, I want to go back and make different decisions.

      I will admit the current gen doesn’t have much to bring people in right now. I got my Xbone a few months ago mainly for MGS and Halo 5. But, I haven’t been disappointed yet.

      Backwards compatibility is always a plus in my eyes. It would also be something that I believe would get a lot of people switching over. It would also cut down on some of the last gen re-releases on current gen.

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      • Red Metal says:

        Exactly as a good game should. Developers should never underestimate the power of replay value. I’ve always admired games that allow one to tackle obstacles in different, equally-valid ways.

        It seems like backwards compatibility has always been a problem exclusive to games. The PC mostly overcame this problem with software such as DOSBox, but not console developers. If anything, with their actions, it’s almost as if the AAA industry seeks to perpetuate the problem rather than solve it. I believe that had they pulled this off with any other medium, they would have deservedly gotten told off by consumers. Imagine if Blu-Ray players couldn’t play DVDs; almost nobody would have bought them.

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  2. I loved origins a lot, but I keep wondering if I should play the other games in the series. By now I am leaning towards yes. Now I just have to save up money to buy DA2 and DA:I! I just bought a bunch of other games this week, so I’ll at least wait until my next paycheck

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    • DA2 is a special game, not a lot like the other two. It actually gets a bad rep, but I liked it. Even with its changes it builds well on the universe part.

      Inquisition is a absolute must buy imo. I know we are still new into this gen, but I haven’t had a game suck me in like that in years. Not even origins done that for me.

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  3. petermself says:

    Nice post, enjoyed reading it! Reiterated some of my own thoughts upon Inquisitions.


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