Throwback Gems: Silent Hill 2

JamesSilent Hill 2, have you played it? If not then find a copy, and enjoy (bring some tp as well lol) The game released in 2001 on the PS2, then later on Xbox, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Silent Hill 2 is a survival horror, that honestly does it a lot better than most. The developers Team Silent have a nice talent, but at what?

At making your heart stop in terror, this is essentially what I love about horror, and even more about horror games. Playing a game based around horror to me, is so much more frightening, and in the end more enjoyable. Of course some may see it in a different light, and play it off. I essentially put myself in the mood, and create an atmosphere that ends up with me being frightened.

Silent Hill 2 comes packed with an atmosphere that is dead creepy, yet as a human being you are naturally curious. In this moment you find yourself exploring a world that you want to/don’t want to. Leading you to run into atrocious monsters and demons, which in turn still hooks you by the ear to keep playing.

This is when you know you are playing something great, and makes for a remarkable horror experience. If that isn’t enough, I can put the icing on the cake. Putting the monsters in with the hellish looking environments isn’t enough. Then add Akira Yamaoka, his music and sound effects in, then we have something to talk about.

Silent Hill 2 comes packed with plenty of ideas, most of which turned out really good. As was the case when each player first ran into Pyramid Head. The same could be said about the story, and characters featured in the game. Over the span of playing the game for the first time, I had a crazy strange experience, that was downright freaky, which in the end gave me a feeling of I have no clue what I just played, but man did I love it.

Over the years I have ended up playing Silent Hill 2 more than I can count, most likely more than I would want to know. This is one of those games that ruins your experience with other games, or more likely horror games. The reason being is you end up enjoying it so much, you expect others to do the same thing, or try and emulate certain things. Which is funny, that’s a lot of whats wrong with most developers now.

In the end if you have never taken a trip to Silent Hill, I personally implore you to do so now. You may come back unfazed, or insane, maybe not at all, but that is OK, you will have an everlasting experience, I promise you that.


About crazysnake513

I'm currently 24, I love video games, and animation. I also love to sketch, and write poetry. I plan to maybe start college soon for animation, if all goes well. In the mean time, I'm working on my own animation project.
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9 Responses to Throwback Gems: Silent Hill 2

  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    if you like sanity, you came to the wrong town!

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  2. I played it but it wasn’t at all scary. I was really disappointed. I turned out all the lights and got all excited for nothing. They should have called it “the locked door game” because that’s all I really remember about it now! πŸ˜₯

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